Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Fall Items

Hey jammers! Looks like Feast of Thanks items are coming early to Jamaa, be sure to enjoy the great new (but mainly old) items. I hope you enjoy the returning rares!

In Jam Mart Clothing even the so called "Silver Headdresses" have come to shop! Plus the Head Feather has returned.
In Jam Mart Furniture...
In the Sarepia Flag Shop...
In the Den Music Shop Slot...
In Bahari Bargains...

To earn all the gems to buy these awesome items you can play Wind Rider, but it sadly isn't Double Gems until Thursday (according to AJHQ).
If you haven't noticed already whenever AJHQ sends out a mass message it appears in your chat history box! Sadly, you can't respond, although that would be a cool addition...
 Meanwhile, a few changes around Jamaa. One is that there are new pet slots, lots more room for rare pet collectors!
Here's some good news, Sunken Dens are now a much lower price! Sorry to those who already bought them, what a rip-off! ^.^
And there is the new (and old) Feast of Thanks card now available to send to your buddies around Jamaa. I've also heard there are more sound effects around Jamaa including opening presents and the like.
Plus, for those who aren't a big fan of math, AJ will now calculate how many gems you need to buy an item! I found this out when I wasn't paying attention and tried to buy more then I had in gems. :oP
I hope you like the new additions to Jamaa, hopefully AJHQ will add more items when it's closer to Thanksgiving/Feast of Thanks (sorry to non-Americans, I agree they should have more worldwide holidays as well). See you in Jamaa!

Note: Thank you max220 for the b-day cake, 22ar for the pirate hook, spyro1707 for the globe, wolfattack360 for the pirate hat, piplup131415 for the bubble-tron, and thank you meow78 for the music! Sorry for any jammers I missed, it's hard to keep track of my papers I write on. :(


  1. Epic stuff! I checked the other stores and found out the halloween stuff were gone!Plus bat glasses. I also wonder if there is new codes.

    Sincerely, bubblestorm14

  2. bigcatsfoever DCP MODNovember 9, 2011 at 5:20 AM

    All four BETA Headresses are back. Silver/Blue Silver/Green Green/Rasberry Light Pink/a darker but light pink

  3. bigcatsfoever DCP MODNovember 9, 2011 at 5:21 AM

    Also the regular ones came back I bought every color exept the pink ones. Also the super rare non member tan carpet is back exept... NOW IT IS FOR MEMBERS! :O

  4. I got the Shiveer music and my Dad told me to stop humming to it XD


  5. I love the seaweed hair. My seal has hair on land, but couldn't underwater, so this is a nice addition for me. :)

    And I did not know headdresses were around in Beta. Granted, I joined in August rather than July.

    Anyways, these are awesome updates! I always get excited about more animal or pet slots.


  6. hello!bubblestorm14 again.anyway it wouldn't be an awesome addition if you can play games with shamans!well is it possible?

  7. @Bubblestorm14

    That, my friend, would be SO epic I would faint from the epicness XD


  8. Snowy why did you take me off spirit jammers :(. And I didn't even notice the update untill today :D This new stuff is awesome :D And the 4 more pet slots is very helpfull :D

  9. @Kayla1
    I'm sorry Kayla, you hadn't commented in a long time and I thought you had quit checking the blog. :( I'm trying to decrease the blog size so the page will load more easily, we can talk more on AJ.

  10. Amazing i am really good with math but i hate to solves some problems when you are playing:)

  11. It's ok snowy. I would never quit your blog! It's the best! I haven't been commenting alot cause me and my family were busy for a while and I have been getting a lot of project's and stuff from school that i have to do. So jam on!

  12. awesome, i love your blog


  13. I wonder why people trade headresses for a spike don't they no that headresses cmoe back and spike don't

  14. Are the headresses once a year or rare?

  15. :D I love this Well done keep up the AWESOME work :{D



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