Friday, September 25, 2015

Tiki Umbrella Table & Wild Explorers

Update: Check Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture for new/returning Night of the Phantoms items!

Hey jammers, today's returning item is the Tiki Umbrella Table located in Jam Mart Furniture! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the tiki collection to me is summer related. 
Anywho, the latest episode of Wild Explorers featuring Cami is out! This episode is all about wild cats. Watch the latest episode to learn 10 fun facts about wild cats, featuring Jamaa's latest arrival the lynx!
Over on the event calendar at Jammer Central (located in Jamaa Township) it says the Night of the Phantoms celebrations start 3rd October, but that's a Saturday. AJHQ usually update on a Thursday, maybe we'll get a Saturday update next week? I'm probably wrong, hehe.
 And over on the Daily Explorer AJHQ has published a helpful Jammer Tip about Jamaa's reporting feature.
The Sand Window in the Sandcastle Den Set collection is departing from Jam Mart Furniture tomorrow. All the sandcastle items will be departing in the next couple of days, just like the overpriced SandMan too. 
 Jam on ~ have a wonderful day! x

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