Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Graham's Workshop Guide!

Ciao, Jammers! Bonsaii here! A whole bunch of you in the comments were enthusastic about a Graham's Adventure Guide. Here it is~

The Basics
Graham's Adventure is probably one of the most tedious adventures of all time. The gist of it is simple; get tools to harvest resources, bring the resources to Graham so you can get the shiny new Tail Armor. Simple, right? Well, it would be, if the gosh darn tools didn't evaporate every time your use them. Why, Graham, why. I thought you'd be clever enough to fetch the diamond pickaxes from Minecraft, but nooo. You have to go back every time you get a resource. Aargh.

The resources you can find in this adventure are rocks, gemstones, wood, silver, gold, and wheat. You can find bamboo and wheat by having four people jump on a 4 player unlock area that's located next to a patch of dirt. You can gather wheat with pitchforks, and bamboo with bamboo bowls. Wood can be gathered with wheelbarrows. Rocks can be gathered with hammers. Silver can be found in riverspots and gathered with pans/bowls. If you gather rocks or silver super fast, you might find a gemstone or a gold nugget in your find.

Here's a handy map of the adventure, made by LemonKat and submitted by MustachioedKitty!

Beware of the purple areas on this map, that's where the phantoms reside. Spoooky.

Best Places to Harvest

Just after entering the cave, slighting to the right. This cave does require 4 people to unlock it, but if people are already inside (usually the case) it will stay open. Get the bowls from just outside the cave, or deeper inside. If this area is too crowded, try the small area to the right of where you can buy items. It's unmarked, but there is a bowl/pan right next to the two dots.

Same cave as Silver/Gold. The hammers are near by, too!

The upper left corner of the map. Wheelbarrows are super close. 

 Get pitchforks from the center, or from the east and south. Bring along 3 buddies if you can, or just call for help!

The bamboo bowls are pretty far off, except for the place in the bottom right. But, this is the only place you can get bamboo. ;~;

That's all for now! See ya!

P.S. Should we add anything else to this Graham's Workshop Guide?

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