Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tie-Dye Shirt Returns

Hey jammers! Today the colorful Tie-Dye Shirt has returned to Jam Mart Clothing, while over at Jam Mart Furniture the Tulip Patch is departing tomorrow! 
And AJHQ have published a sparkling new Diamond Challenge over on the DE!! If you want a chance to earn 5 diamonds, be sure to submit a 1-2 paragraph at Jammer Central about elephants!
Click here 
The rainbow armor set at the Diamond Shop is leaving Jamaa in the next couple of days. If you've got any diamonds spare, make sure you purchase the armor set before it's gone! I'm hoping AJHQ release a Night of the Phantoms or Feast of Thanks related armor this year, what about you jammers? ^.^
Jam on! x

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