Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Furry Hat and Autumn Art

Hey jammers! Tig here once again posting for today's spirit author. Today's new item is the Furry Hat, a returning item from last winter. Sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut!
Like yesterday, why are AJHQ bringing back winter items in autumn? Speaking of autumn, on the Daily Explorer there is a new Jammer Art post featuring animals in leaves.
Today is the last day for the beautiful Aster Plants in Treetop Gardens (located in Sarepia Forest!) There is even a plant for all jammers which is always nice, hehe. 
And for Written Wednesday, which is just a discussion on various random things on Animal Jam and here, on Animal Jam Spirit. What's your favorite den in Jamaa and why? You can choose from any den you like, either from the diamond shop or den shop! 

Happy jamming, see you tomorrow with the big Night of the Phantoms update! x

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