Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Golden Pirate Sword Retuns
& Clearanced Rainbow Armor!

Hey everyone! Wackywolf81 here. My post was a little late today - sorry about that! 
Annyywayy, today's item is the Golden Pirate sword. It has returned and is being sold, once again, in Epic Wonders.
So.. expensive.. ;-;
In other news, the set of Rainbow Armor, which is being sold in the Diamond Shop, is on clearance.
You've only got two more days until the whole set leaves! I wonder what kind of armor it will be replaced by..?

Over on the Daily Explorer, the weekly "Jammer Art" post has been published! This week's theme is "Favorite AJ Adventure!".
You can go and check out the full post by clicking here.

That's all for today, everyone!
Happy Jamming!~

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