Saturday, September 5, 2015

Spirit Artwork #33

You awake in on a soft bed of... cake. The air is warm. Deciding to explore your mysterious surroundings, you force yourself into a standing position, though the humid air chokes your lungs and the heat makes your movements sluggish. You drag yourself over the soft ground to the edge of the sweet-smelling land to get a better view. You see what seems to be a sunset in the far distance. Though the view is calming, the air here is hotter than ever, and as a hot blast hits your face you begin to worry for your safety. A rush of adrenaline fuels your mad dash down the cake-mountain. If you had stayed any longer you might have been cooked in a giant oven.

To start off, we have a couple of adorable pieces by wolfpacker111. The detailwork on the second especially astounds me.

This artwork was sent in by Tribal Bunnies AJ Jamaa. An array of geometric shapes have been assembled to create a delightful owl. I especially like contrast of the wintery purple used for the base of the head and the brightly colored eyes.

Cloud9 AJ brings us these pieces. I especially like the combination of yellow and purple in the second piece.

✞ Hurricane ➳ sent in these traditional works. They show that the artist is capable in a variety of different mediums.

~The Rain is Unique~ sent us these vividly colored pieces.The dark background on the second piece is especially nice, useful for helping the rose to stand out.

This lovely sketch, sent in by Obscured Moon (Pinkclaw24), has a lovely pose, as if it is in mid-step.

Here we have a drawing by Kitkat8529. I like the lineless style, and how you've accentuated forms through different shades of red rather than lines.

These drawings are by Yim Orange. I like the variation in the body type of the character designs on the first image.

This drawing, sent in by Veges, has a message to go along with it. The gradation from red to black in the background further emphasizes the insult and its effects on the character.

Silly Suds brings us this sketch, which is quite detailed in both linework and shading. 

Lastly, we have an adorable drawing by Yvvoni. The style is very unique, and I love what you've done with the background. The white outline with the hearts really pop against the red background.

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