Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spirit Dens #3 - A Lovely Non-Member Den!

Hey Jammers!
Chorus2010 back again for another edition of Spirit Dens!

This week's theme is non-member. I'm so happy you guys liked last week's den, and I loved all of your suggestions in the comments! As for next weeks den, I've set up a Straw Poll so you guys can vote on the theme! It'll end Friday, September 25th.

Anywho, let's take a look at some dens sent in by AJS fans regarding last week's theme, a home den!

Rachsonad13's den!
Viridescentfuture's den!
Phoubear's creative non-member den!

There were so many more wonderful entries, however I couldn't feature them all. 

The last image is a den by Phoubear! Phou is a non-member, and therefore has to be a tad more creative than his member counterparts do. That brings me onto today's theme!

Non-members have less available features than members. While that's understandable because members pay upwards of 6 - 7 USD a month, the lack of flooring, pets and animals doesn't seem quite fair. 

Work with what you've got, right?
In this case, yes!

I've come up with my own 100% non-member den in effort to help inspire those looking for ideas on how to make their dens unique with a limited amount of space and items. 

Let's get started!
By now, you guys should know that I like to start by choosing a type of den, in this case it has to be a Small House!

As for flooring and walls, I've selected the Wood Floor and the Blue Sky walls. 

Onto the interior!

Starting with the entrance:

Using two Fantasy Banners, you can make a small curtain. Hide the metal pieces behind the wood plank! 
A mailbox is important so that you can keep in touch with friends near and far, and a welcome mat is a nice little touch. The Bunny Statue just gives it a little flair, don't you think?

Continuing on, the living room!

Shoutout to Cumulonimbus for helping me with this picture! She's a big AJS fan!
Side note!
If you ever see someone asking if there are any AJS fans around, that's probably me looking for picture models! Make sure to say something like "me!" or "I am!". I love meeting new people!

Anyways, the living room is super cozy and fun! The Outback Imports chairs are modern, yet old-school, and the default table is very nature-y. Don't forget a floral centerpiece and some teacups!

Now, non-members don't get to buy TV's, but that doesn't mean that your living room has to go without one. It's just time to get creative!

Two Wavy Bookshelves, a Shoji Screen and a game console, such as the newly non-memberized Overflow, or Sky High, will do quite nicely.

As you can see, I'm broke. :)
Make sure to adjust the setup so that the layering works out. What I mean by this is that the game should be centered between both bookshelves, and the Shoji Screen should be adjusted accordingly.
A stone lamp adds some nice ambience. :)

Two leafy fans make for some nice air conditioning, and they look cool too! Just hide the bases behind the roof tiles. A World Animal Day banner will spruce up those plain sky walls.

So the corner doesn't look so bare, I've added some barrels, plants, and a globe!

For the bedroom area, I've kept it simple. An orange Striped Couch paired with an Egyptian Rug works well, because they both have the same color scheme! Cleverclaw's Dresser is a lovely touch to any bedroom. As for the wall d├ęcor, I've put up a Howl Plaque, Jamaa's Flag, and some carnival flags!

I like the warm feeling that the orange gives off, very fall like!

As for the little porch outside, I've put in a bicycle, some leaves and hay bales to continue the fall theme, a telescope and some orange and yellow balloons! I also put in a Lynx statue just for fun. :) 

So Jammers, that concludes this post! 
I hope that I've helped to inspire you guys, and to show you that you don't need a membership to make your den special and unique. That goes for your animals too! Any animal can look fabulous with a little effort. 

Here's the full den picture:

This one has a few bugs as well, sorry!
And here's the corresponding YouTube video!

Thank you guys for 21 subscribers!! If I ever hit 100, I'll have a big party with giveaways and such. :)
Send me your non-member dens, whether or not you're a non-member!
I can be reached at ! I look forward to seeing your entries, and I'll feature my favorites next Wednesday!

Don't forget to vote in the Straw Poll at the beginning of the post!

Until next time, 

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