Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Leaf Pile & Leaving Wheelbarrow Planter

Hey jammers! Today we have a returning item for everyone over at Jam Mart Furniture, the Leaf Pile is perfect for decorating your fall dens! Be sure to also head over to Treetop Gardens located in Sarapia Forest to purchase the Wheelbarrow Planter (my favorite item!) before it departs from Jamaa tomorrow.
The Wheelbarrow Planter is such a neat item, but I assume AJHQ will be adding more fall related items from now on! Anywho, over on the Wild Explorers YouTube channel a new episode has been released all about making your own watercolors!
And over on the DE AJHQ have posted a handy tip on keeping your items protected.
There are a couple of fun new articles on the DE too!
It's time for a little discussion, jammers. What is your favorite pet in Jamaa and why? There are so many adorable, zany, and funny looking pets to choose from! You can choose any pet you like, from the diamond pets to gem pets, hehe. 
Happy jamming everyone! x

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