Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Spirit Dens #2 - There's No Place Like Home

Hey Jammers!
Chorus2010 here for another Spirit Dens post! I'm so glad that you guys enjoyed the last one, it made my face light up to read all of those kind comments.

I've got a special little announcement at the end of the post, so please read all of the way through!

Before I start with this week's post, let's take a look at the winner of the Back-To-School Contest, and some other pawsome school dens!

Without further ado, our winner is the lovely NeonPlutonium!

I should've sent your prize by now, I did it when I got home from school!
Pillows as chairs look so comfy, I wish my school did that! 
A cozy little study space!
Bathroom/Locker Area!
A gorgeous spring-like entryway!

Honorable mentions to these fantastic jammers:
A wonderfully evil school by Mikestar10!
A beautiful arts and crafts room submitted by Koalasrock55082! 
A remake of my den by Hollyflower27!
Cosmic Daydream's fabulous football field!
5yoyo5's lovely cafeteria. :)

Weren't those lovely?
Onwards to today's den! A home themed den was suggested by Avery898, and I loved the idea. Home themes are very common in Jamaa, and there's so many different directions to take it!
Girly, Nature, Dark and Scary, I could go on and on.

Today's home will be nature themed. 

Like last time, we should select our den to use. I've chosen the Fantasy Castle because it has 4 rooms without being too large, after all it's just me living in that house!

While this den is members only, I'll be doing a completely non-member den next week!
(Don't let this stop you from recreating this den in a Small House!)

Let's select floors and walls next, shall we?

I've chosen Coral Canyons Wallpaper and Wood Flooring.

Onto the decorating portion!
For the exterior, I've chosen to keep it simple, just a few trees and a porch swing.

How I miss the vibrance of the season tree in Summer. :(
Sleepy Chorus! >.<
(Perhaps a lazy Lynx?)
For the entryway of the den, I've constructed a little something out of Shamrock Fences, Bunny Statues, and Rustic Lanterns.

I quite like the way it fits together, and the warm feeling it has.
"Welcome to my home!"

It's a wonderful place to chill, as my buddy Goofy8966 and I can attest to!

I've chosen to make the first floor of the castle a kitchen/dining room, however it could just as easily fit in the second floor.

A large corner shelf + an oven + a sink = The perfect kitchen!

Throw in some mugs, a lantern and some cattails for some ambience. 
(And of course a guitar for those kitchen sing-a-longs!)

Moving to the other corner of the room, a simple table and pillows will suffice nicely for a dining area.

Thanks to my buddy, Happypandafriends, for helping me out!

As we move upstairs, a nice open air courtyard presents itself.
Naturally, I made a little garden area with the new fall leaves and a gazebo.

I feel that this breaks up the home quite nicely!

A living room is key to any home, it's the space where everyone can gather and relax, chat and laugh. 
This one is no exception.

That silly Koala is my irl best friend, Ty751!
Egyptian rugs are one of my favorite den items, they're so pretty and look nice in almost any room. The two bookshelves literally bookend the stone couch. (Is that comfortable?!)
The freedom banner that hangs from one of the roof beams frames the art plaque nicely, and since every living room needs a table and a lamp, make sure to throw those in there too! Plants can spruce up any room, I highly recommend putting a few in your home.

Moving onto the final room, the bedroom!
If I had to choose one room in Jamaa to be my bedroom, I'd pick the top of the Fantasy Castle. 
It's small and cozy, which is fine because I'm a very tidy person! It has enough room for a bed, in this case a spider hammock, and a few books.
That's all I'd really need in life.
(That's a lie, I'd also enjoy having my laptop so I could watch Netflix and play Animal Jam!)

A firepit and a lantern makes it super-duper comfy!

As usual, we have our full den picture! This one has a few errors, it's hard to get all of those pictures lined up just right!
Just before uploading this I realized that you could see part of the den lock and broom! :(
It was too late to fix it because I had already merged everything. 

Well Jammers, that brings us to the end of this post. 
Email your home dens to for a chance to be featured in next week's post!

Now, I promised you guys a little announcement!!

I'm starting, (started?), a YouTube channel!
It'll feature speed den decorations of the dens I've made for Animal Jam Spirit! You'll get to hear my voice and some nifty music I've selected to play in the background.

It would mean a lot to me if you guys would check it out and subscribe, and if I ever happen to hit 100 subscribers, I'll have a little party!

I love, love, LOVE to direct and edit videos as much as I love den decorating, so this seems like a perfect fit. You guys can also follow me on IG @chorus2010aj
The first video is up now! Here it is, if you could sub to me, that'd be great! My channel is here.

Tell me what themes you want to see for dens in the comments below!

Au revoir mes copains!

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