Friday, September 18, 2015

Shell Armor & Closer Look At Pet Elephants

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Hey jammers, Tigerlypaws here! Today's returning item is the Shell Armor and Helmet at Bahari Bargains!
Yesterday pet elephants came marching through Jamaa! Here's a closer look at their adorable little animations. How cute are they??
And over the Play-As-Your-Pet and Pets Only Party you can dress your new little guy in these exclusive accessories! My personal favorite is the top hat and balloons. What are your favorite pet elephant accessories, jammers? 
Lovely work, AJHQ. The pet elephants are so lush! Over at Sarepia Forest, autumn leaves have been spotted! Ahh, I love the autumn season!! ^.^
During the update yesterday the default JAG (Jam-a-Gram) message, so it's now easier for non-members. Nice little change here!  
Happy jamming everyone! x

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