Monday, September 7, 2015

Rare Alpha Tavi Charm Necklace – Hidden RIM

Hey jammers! Apologies for such a late Rare Item Monday post – Animal Jam was being really sneaky about it today (and I was being silly for assuming it to be in the Birthday Party).
It's interesting AJHQ has all the mainstream alphas, the ones with stories, featured in the little charm necklace store. Definitely a neat little idea! You can buy a Rare Tavie Charm Necklace at the Bahari Bargains shop! In other news we have a neat new glitchy item...

Snazzy animation, and lovely glowing colors. I wonder what all those books are about, and why they disappear from time to time...
Speaking of disappearing, the lovely Rare Item Monday items from the past two weeks are STILL in the Jam Mart Furniture shop. When will the finally leave? Who's to know. However there is a sad departure...
The Scented Candle is on its last day in shops! Be sure to grab one while you have the chance, they're a pretty popular little decoration. 

As for our mystery Monday segment, I was hoping you might want to explore that curious little bookshelf. Grab one of the books off the shelf (before it disappears) and tell me...

Who wrote it?
How old is the book?
Is it fiction or nonfiction?
What is it about? Give us a summary?
Who's collection did it come from?
Why does it disappear?

I'm excited to hear some head cannons (I read all of them, Mondays are my favorite days to read comments here on AJS, hehe).
Happy jamming!

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