Monday, September 14, 2015

Rare Panda Hat + Graham's Adventure Update!

Ciao, Jammers! Today's RIM is the Rare Panda Hat which can be found on the second page of the Conservation Museum Shop!

Eeeep! That item gave me a spook when I first looked at it. Those cold, green eyes that stare into your soul. Ugugh

Katia9 has spotted a awesome new update to Graham's Workshop that makes it 400% less tedious.

To open caves, hay farms, and bamboo groves you now only need TWO people! Aand, if you collect 7 pieces of wood, it goes in the bag as fast as collecting 2!

i am so happy right now you should see my face
the perfect gif

Sit down all you young un's, it's time for a story.
Now you see waay back in the day when Swoopy Eagle was no more than a faint idea and Kimbara Outback didn't exist, there lived a tiny smol bonsaii child. Literally every single day the tiny child went on aj, they would play the game Twister. Literally. Every. Single. Time.
Today's Monday Mystery is about games.

We know that AJHQ thinks of ideas for games and codes them into the game. But in the world of Jamaa, who would make the games? An empire like Nintendo? What would it be called? Why would it exist? How would they make games? Would animals work? 

See ya!
Eeep! I'm running out of ideas for the Monday Mystery! Send in yours to!

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