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Thanks for coming to learn a bit about Animal Jam Spirit's history!

Animal Jam Spirit is a fan made blog, focusing on the daily happenings of Jamaa. It was started back in June 2011, a little less than a year after Animal Jam first opened it's doors to beta players. It is one of the oldest running blogs about the game! Click here to visit the silly first post. ^-^

The blog was created by snowyclaw, and with the help of her friends the Animal Jam Spirit was advertised to jammers in Jamaa. The first posts were about updates that occurred in Jamaa, games tips about little known features, complete gem code lists, and how-tos on performing glitches. A little bit of everything!

There used to be more connected blogs, with varying types of information, but all related blogs are now consolidated into one, with the exception of the Jamaa Journal Archive. This side blog holds practically all journals in recorded Jamaasian history – it can even take you back to the beta days! Be sure to check it out.

As time progressed the Animal Jam Spirit grew to include Animal Jam Journey Book guides (as these were introduced to Jamaa). Eventually it even hosted the "Jamaasian Movement," a movement/rally founded by snowyclaw to bring back elements of Animal Jam promised in its beta testing period. The movement and continuing petition to AJHQ eventually grew to such volume that Animal Jam decided to listen to the suggestions: shamans (now called alphas) and quests (now called adventures) were returned to Jamaa.

Over time Animal Jam turned to daily item updates! That led to snowyclaw finding members to join the blog posting team. These players, called Spirit Jammers, help post about the constant changes in Jamaa. Themed articles, posted once weekly, were then included in the posting schedule. These include artwork, dens, music videos, and much more! The Spirit Team is constantly growing and changing, but they're the ones that make what the Animal Jam Spirit is today.

If you're interested in joining the team, click here to apply.

AJS is here to inform jammers about the daily new and clearance items, updated features, glitches, and general news to be found about Animal Jam. Here you can find a community of jammers that come to chat, exchange game advice, and support each other in their Jamaasian adventures. You're always welcome on the Animal Jam Spirit!

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