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Hey jammers! Welcome to the third edition of the Animal Jam music video posts. Would you like your own AJMV up for all jammers to see? Send a link to my email ( and add my channel to your featured bar. Enjoy these pawsome works!

Check below the break for some jantastically edited videos featuring the songs Rhythm of Love, Daft Punk, and Carried Away.

(1) "Rhythm of Love" Plain White T's By Eowyn29

(2) "Daft Punk" Pentatonix  By SmileySmiles

(3) "Carried Away" Passion Pit By Surfiez


  1. First? FIRST!!!

    1. congrats on first... im going to go try to make a troll face and tell me if it comes out ok


    2. coolzies. great on first! AND @Herobrine30 AJ OMYGOSH that face scared me lol

  2. 3rd! :D

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    1. Agreed.. great AJMV's! Though the second one kinda gave me a headache. lolz

  4. Fitfth i think and i might enter the next ajmv to be on the blog :D

  5. 6th :3 It doesn't matter anyways lol




  9. 11th. And in the daft pink on the voices are not electric. Even the deep one. I know that band. :) all of the sounds were made by people, no instruments or electronics :)
    Anyway, the more you know!

    - rascalcat

    1. Wow, really? People really can do weird things with their voices.. xD

    2. Ya, that band was on.. HOLD ON I GOT IT... THE SING OFF :D I LOVED them, I knew they would win.. they won right?.. O.O.... AH WELL DAY AMAHZING ANYWAY :D

  10. 12th i think? Lol. My favorite was carried away :3 I'm really liking these ajmv's you put up from people Snowyclaw! Keep up the good work :)!


  11. I also wonder when she will announce the winner of the giveaway? I don't have a youtube account, but i like seeing who gets what :)!

  12. Oh and


  13. Awh thats so cool! Especially the first one :) but they're all so good!

    1. Yes, they were all very good! c:
      I could never make anything like them lol

  14. Whales


    (Just random words XD)
    I thought all the MV's were great! Congrats to first person etc and good job on the post!
    I LOVE this blog and will comment more often, its just sometimes its like 200 comments and I dont bother 1.Cause its laggy 2.Cause I dont even know if its gonna even get read! So anyways thanks and all

  15. real comment: my buddy gave me a rare beard and I am wondering what is worth. my other buddy said party hat.....should I accept?

  16. btw using my mums google plus account 0.0 my use is ckleeman

  17. NO UPDATE?????!!!!

    *runs around with paws up in the air, screaming furiously* D:<



    P.S.- Probably I'm a little too early. Hopefully the update will happen when I get back from school. *crosses paw fingers* >.<

  18. hmm has I changed the picture ?

  19. I just realized so something! The Cosmo and Liza tiki statues look.... Constipated XDDDDD

  20. WHERE IN DA WORLD IS DA UPDATE?!?!?!? -looks in den- nope not there. -looks everywhere- Uggghhhh. I was so exited! and it was all for nothin. Maybe it will be on later today.

  21. Is this what people are listening to these days? XD Just kidding I listen to it too... occasionally... if I have to...
    I like the Rhythm of Love, that's a nice song, I wish Eowyn would have made it longer lol!

  22. Will be really nice if you do Whatever song of Oasis

  23. Hey snow, its been a long time since I came here!
    Just want you to know that Im making an animated Amv for all the famous jammers i know!
    Heheh. Dont reply it gives me the excited willies :3

  24. I love the Song i get carried away XD

  25. I'll be sure to look at these :) lol if I actually have time

  26. -starts running around flailing for no reason and screaming at the top of lungs: BLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    1. Ok, Ima just post the prologue to my fanfic right here, please don't yell at me for it not being AJ based DX
      Here it is, the prologue:
      Lilah awoke with a start, the nightmare fresh in her mind. From the bits and peices she remembered, It had something to do with the New

      Mexico project she had been on a year ago, when her cousin was killed by The Destroyer. She shook her head, trying to clear the images from her mind. She never wanted to think about that again. As she drifted off into sleep, she didn't dream again, and, when she woke, she didn't remember the dream at all.

    2. Interesting story so far, Loki! c:

    3. @Cutepups


    4. Lilah was stressing as she rushed to finished getting ready for the assessment tonight. To her and another agent, this was desperately important. To the unsuspecting guests, this was just another regular little party. She set out the last of the
      little finger-foods, and quickly flipped on Pharrel Williams "Happy". As soon as she slipped on her Caribbean-blue dress, there was a knock at the door. She scurried over, and opened it to a well dressed party.
      "Hello, Margaret!"
      "Hello, John, James, Barret, and...." She stopped short when she saw Braden Guthrie, her fellow agent.
      "Hello, Agent Guthrie." She said in a low whisper.
      "Hello to you too,Lilah." Now, most of the time agents were called by their last name, but Lilah didn't have one. She disowned it when she fled from her family years ago. Now, most everyone called her Lilah.
      "You better not blow this, Guthrie," Lilah said in a teasing way. Braden had been her best friend ever since the fiasco at New Mexico last year.
      "I know I won't, It's you I'm worried about," He responded, already snipping back at her small insult.
      "Ok, ok, let's just get this assessment overwith, I want to know my clearance level already," She whined, but with a smile on her face.
      "You know, S.H.I.E.L.D. may not...give you such high clearance because of their.... doubts," He said, wincing as if Lilah was going to hithim. Her loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D. had wavered once, and Fury didn't trust her as much since.
      "But Coulson will be fair, you know," Lilah said, reasonably.
      "True but--- Forget it, let's just get to the party," He said, waving his hand dismissively
      "Alright, everybody, let's start off with something simple, you know, I made chicken and turkey in case anyone was hungry......"

      Stupid comment limit, gotta cut it off here, i will post the second part right after XD

    5. PART 2 OF CHAPTER 1:

      There was a knock at Lilah's door, in the middle of Barret telling one of his stories.
      "I'll get it," Lilah said, walking over to the door calmly. She opened it, to her surprise, Director Fury himself.
      "We need to talk, Agent Lilah." Fury said in a low voice... but something about it was urgent, almost nervous. "Agent Guthrie needs to be

      present as well. Your assessment is over, and you both passed, Clearance Level 7," He said, delivering the news. Lilah almost jumped out

      of her skin, before he continued,
      "There's something I need to confess now. Get the others out. We need to all talk." He said, motioning Braden over, because he had

      stood up and was now walking. Lilah walked over to the guests, an excuse already playing out in her head.
      "Look, everybody I'm so sorry, but my uncle here needs to talk with me and Braden, it's really important, and you kind of have to go, I'm

      really sorry..." She lied, and everyone said bye and filed out accordingly.
      "Now what is 'SO' important that you have to interrupt our assessment?" Lilah said, almost irritable.
      "Like I said, you both passed. And, I've come with a mission," Fury replied, reannouncing what he had stated earlier.
      "Last time we went on a mission YOU assigned, Lilah ended up losing a family member," Braden said, backing Lilah up.
      "This time, it will be worse, and we need all the help we can get," Fury said, his mouth twitching a little
      "Ok then. What's the mission?" Lilah asked, now actually curious.
      "The Tesseract has been stolen," Fury said, sliding a small pack toward her.
      "What's that?" Braden asked, eyeing the pamphlet Lilah just opened.
      "The Tesseract," Lilah answered for Fury, reading what was written.
      "Who stole it, why, and what are we supposed to do?" Lilah demanded immediately.
      "He's called Loki and he's..... well... you should know, Lilah," Fury said, and his words turned Lilah's blood to ice, and a swift shiver up her

      "He's Thor's brother....the one who sent the Destroyer..." Lilah murmered, and then she looked up and said,
      "I'm in."

    6. Alright, Just finished Chapter 2 :D
      Here it is:
      As Lilah walked onto the deck of the helicarrier, taking in its iron weight, and memorizing the people's faces on it, she noticed Natasha, Steve, and Bruce were here already.
      "Hi, Natasha, Steve... Bruce.." Lilah said, looking over all of them.
      "Hello, Lilah," Steve said, smiling, though looking nervously over the edge of the helicarrier to the near water.
      "You might want to step back. It's about to get a little hard to breath," Natasha informed, as the helicarrier started up.
      "Is this a submarine?" Steve asked, looking at Banner as though he knew.
      "They want ME in a submerged, pressurized container?" Banner asked, with a teasing but nervous smile. Then, they began to rise, and they slowly lifted from the ocean, with the propeller blades on each of the 4 corners of the carrier came into view.
      "Oh no, this is much worse," Bruce said, now looking completely petrified.
      "This is going to be a LOOONG search," Lilah said, exasperated at the boys' behavior.


      Walking into the main room over the helicarrier, just under the deck, you could hear Fury bark a distant command,
      "Turn on the retro-reflection panels." Without wondering, Lilah knew that the bottom of their ship was now reflecting the clouds above, to save them from being spotted from below. Lilah immediately walked over to some of the computers and the agents running them, beginning to question them quietly.
      "What are we trying to do?" She said, pointing at the screen and looking at the agent, waiting for an answer.
      "Lilah, they're trying to figure out where Loki is, using a cross-reference search," A familiar voice stated, and she wheeled around to see Braden standing there. Lilah nodded, understanding, then questioned
      "How long have you been here, Agent Guthrie?" She questioned, wondering how much longer he had been here.
      "Just a few minutes before you guys showed up, I was actually on the deck watching the reflection panels turn on," He said, in a matter-of-factly sort of way. As she delved into a conversation with him and Steve, one of the agent's sudden movement caught her eye.
      "We've got a match sir, 63%... no wait, cross-reference 79%," the agent said, looking at Fury, then the computer, then back again.
      "Where?" Fury questioned, gazing at the computer.
      "Stuttgard, Germany, at a ceremony. He's not exactly hiding..." The agent trailed off, staring at the computer as though put in a trance.
      "Well Steve, you're up," Fury said, and Steve looked like he had just been asked to clean up a litter box. Shocked.

  27. @ LokiFan's story:
    Whoa! Epic! Love the detail! :D I can just picture it as a movie; it also kinda reminds me of the animes my anime-obsessed friends watch. XD I know it's a Marvel Fanfic. :)

    1. YES! WHEEEE I KNOW ITS AWESOME! Now I can post Chapter 3 >:3


    2. Chapter 3
      It was Lilah's begging that got her onto the small helicopter to retrieve Loki, because Fury was so fed up with her puppy dog-eye trick. Didn't matter. It always worked anway. She would be on the retrieval team, in the helicopter, not on the (as Natasha, teasingly, put it) Beat-up-the-bad-guy-and-shove-his-behind-in-the-helicopter team. Oh well, at least she would get to go at all. And besides, if he tried anything funny on the helicopter, she had full rights to give him a scar over the nose he wouldn't forget. She NEVER left home without her daggers. She had always been that way.

      She heard screams down below, and immediately she knew they were there. Cap grabbed a parachute, jumped out, and, from what Lilah could hear, beat up on Loki.
      "Serves him right," She muttered quietly, the New Mexico mission now fresh in her mind.

      A good 5-6 minutes later, they had Loki in the back of the helicopter, Lilah glaring at him. If looks could kill, she thought quietly...
      "Care to explain why you're glaring at me, the same way a wolf watches it's prey?" Loki asked, and broke her from her thoughts.
      "Um, yes, there is a reason, but if you think I'm going to tell you, you've got another thing coming, you stuck-up demigod," She snapped, irritated, and really not wanting to speak to anybody.
      "Oh, that's not what I was going to ask," He said, a sinister smile dancing across his face. "I was going to ask where we were going."
      "Like I'm going to tell you," Lilah sneered, her pretty seafoam eyes narrowing into a dangerous glare. But of course, at that moment, Fury decided to call in, questioning Natasha. Lilah didn't hear the question, but she heard Fury say,
      "Just get him here, we're low on time."

      She heard some thunder, and a bright, white flash of lightning. She saw Loki almost... cower, as though scared. She guessed Steve had noticed too,though he had been talking to Stark, it didn't really look like he was paying attention, he had already come up with a smart insult,
      "What? Are you scared of a little lightning?" Loki turned to him, looked up slightly and said,
      "I'm not overly fond of what follows." There was a thump on the roof, and Natasha jerked her head up.
      "What was that?"
      The back door to the helicopter opened, and a shadowy figure leaped in, grabbed Loki by the shoulders, and flew out the door.
      "Now there's that guy," Stark sighed, flipping his helmet back on. Lilah was about to grab a parachute, but was forcefully shoved down by Stark.
      "You're not coming with us," He said calmly, though stern.
      "Why?" Lilah demanded, feeling the need she had to go. Stark didn't respond, though Steve interrupted and said,
      "Stark, we need a plan of attack!"
      "I have a plan. Attack." He said, and jumped out the door.
      "I really hate that guy," Lilah said, and Natasha hollered back,
      "Join the club." Steve had picked up a parachute, and was hooking it on, when Natasha looked over curiously and stated,
      "You might want to sit this one out, Cap,"
      "Don't see how I can," He argued, pulling up his hood.
      "These guys come from legends, they're basically gods," Natasha replied, clicking around on the dashboard.
      "There's only one God, ma,am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that," Steve said, turning around, and jumping out, diving into the deep forest.

    3. Alright, Chapter 4, not waiting for people to compliment XD

  28. After what seemed like forever, they had Loki secured in the helicopter, and had picked Thor up along the way. As they flew back to the helicarrier, they got the (slightly mangled) story of what had happened.
    "Lilah, I'm going to secure the demigod in, and we're going to have our meeting, and then you're in charge of guarding him," Fury commanded, after they had arrived back at base.
    "Oh, Fury, you KNOW I hate him.... even MORE than STARK," Lilah whined, and that was saying something, because everyone knew how much she and Natasha hated Stark. Fury didn't say anything though, just kept walking until the reached the detention level. They walked in to see Loki already secured in his cage, walking around boredly. Loki looked over, cast a sly smile, and said,
    "It's an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me."
    "Built for something alot STRONGER than you," Fury retorted, an irritated look in his eyes.
    "Oh yes, I've heard..... a mindless beast.. makes play he's still a man," Loki said, turning to the cameras. Lilah was about to burst in there and beat the cocky demigod to a pulp.
    "How desperate are you, that you need to call on such lost creatures to defend you?" Loki continued.
    "How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war, you steal a force you can't hope to control, you talk about peace, and you kill because it's fun. You have made me VERY desperate," Fury spat, a dangerous glare glinting in his eyes.
    "Oh, it BURNS you to come so close, to have power, UNLIMITED power, and for what? A warm light for all mankind to share," He said, and the words sent another cold shiver up her spine.
    "And then to be reminded what REAL power is," he continued, sneering.
    "Ya, well, let me know if REAL POWER needs a magazine or something," Fury said, walking out, and Lilah followed suit.


    When Lilah walked into the meeting room, she noted Steve, Banner, Natasha, and Thor had already started. She slipped into the seat next to Natasha quietly.
    "I don't see why Loki came with us, he isn't leading an army from here," Steve questioned, with a vague and confused expression on his face.
    "I don't think it's Loki we should be focusing on, that guy's brain is a bag full of cats, you could smell crazy on him," Banner said, and Lilah found it hard to stifle a laugh.
    "Have care how you speak. Loki may be beyond reason, but he is of Asgard.... and he's my brother," Thor said, with a pointed look at Banner.
    "He killed 80 people in 2 days," Natasha stated, looking up at Thor vaguely.
    "......... He's adopted," Thor commented quietly, and Lilah laughed into her her hands.

  29. Ok, gonna post Chapter 5 and the epilogue now, and be done XD

  30. Lilah, though irritated as she was, slowly walked back to the detention level. She had a chair slung over her back, and slammed it in

    front of Loki's cage.
    "Rule number one: Don't talk to me. Rule number two, don't scratch the glass, and rule number thre--"
    "How many rules do you have?" Loki asked, sneering
    "Remember rule number one. No talking," Lilah said, sitting in the chair and facing away from the demi-god.
    As she sat in silence, it gave her a chance to think back to the New Mexico project.
    "Lilah, help! Please!" Mike had yelled, running at her desperately, but then, the Destroyer struck, and a S.H.I.E.L.D. car hit him, and it had

    killed him.
    "Lilah," Said a soft voice, and she jerked her head up, and looked around. There was no one there, and the voice hadn't sounded like Loki.
    Suddenly, a transparent figure walked toward her quietly. It was Mike.. but.. Mike was dead.. How?....
    "You need to forgive.." The figure said, and it dissappeared as quickly as it had appeared.


    Day 2 of guarding wasn't as bad as the first, at least, Lilah got to watch Loki get doped by Natasha's excellent acting, and, because of

    that happiness, she said he was allowed to talk (Because Fury needed inside information, so, she was spying, in other words).

    After about 10 minutes of sitting there quietly, to both of their surprise, Lilah said something.
    "This is kinda personal but....... have you done something, knowing, it was the right thing..... but no one would ever understand?" She had

    asked, and Loki just sat there and looked at her. After a good 10 seconds of this, she stood up akwardly,
    "I mean.. I knew it was kinda personal---"
    "No no, it wasn't. I know what you mean. I used to think I knew what I was doing.." He started, and trailed off.
    "I--i have to go to a meeting," Lilah said quietly, and, almost blushing, she walked out of the room, after clumsily tripping over her own
    chair leg.

    Part 2 of Chapter 5 coming next

    1. Lilah started to sprint, realizing she was late to the meeting, and had been viciously pulled from her thoughts. She almost wished she

      hadn't come because the moment she walked in, everyone was fumimg mad. She heard Banner mutter,
      "Sorry kids, looks like you don't get to see my party trick after all," He said, storming away from Loki's Tesseract-powered scepter.
      "Err..." Lilah said, poking her head in."Maybe I should just---." She started, but was interrupted by Fury, who was also fuming.
      "Ya, go guard Loki some more," Fury snapped, but, surprisingly, Lilah didn't argue.
      "Fine." She said, turning around and walking back to the detention level. She whipped around, hearing someone following her, her deep

      black hair flying as she turned.
      "Oh, it's just you Steve. You scared me," Lilah said, her chest still pounding. Steve started running toward her, grabbed her shoulders, and

      stared into her eyes.
      "May I ask, why are you holding me?" She said, shifting her feet uncomfortably.
      "I'll tell you why," Steve said, "We all know you usually complain when you get stuck with the sucking jobs," This was true, Lilah thought

      to herself reasonably, and then he continued, "And so, Fury said to check your eye color, because you didn't complain this time, when

      you were unfairly ordered back to guard the demigod again," Steve explained, slacking his grip on her shoulders.
      "You know, the 'demigod' has a name," She snapped, to her own surprise as much as Steve's. She realized why she said it, and turned

      from Steve, now running back to the detention level, and didn't look back, even when Steve kept calling her name.

      Lilah was blown back by the explosion, with only one explanation.
      "Barton's explosive arrows," She muttered, heading to the detention level to check on the prisoner. When she walked in, she saw Coulson

      standing there with the prototype gun they had made after the Destroyer came.
      "Even I don't know what it does. Do you want to find out?" Coulson asked, and a scream of horror escaped Lilah, watching Loki impale

      Coulson with his staff.


    2. Epilogue

      After The Battle Of New York

      As Lilah walked with the Avengers to hand Loki, and the Tesseract, back over to Thor, she was still dwelling on what had happened.

      Everyone was walking in dead silence, and Lilah was silently grieving over Coulson still. She could still hear the screams in her head,

      reverberating around her skull like an echo. When they got to the arranged place, Stark shoved Loki to Thor with brute force. Lilah got a

      sudden image in her mind, Loki, beaten and dead, because of what he had done. But it wasn't all his fault..., she thought, trying to reason

      with the truth, an impossible thing to do. But her mind was made up. She knew what had to be done. She stood next to Stark, waiting for

      her chance. Suddenly, just before they disappeared, Lilah grabbed the handle of the Tesseract teleporter case, and left with Loki and

      Thor, leaving several stunned and open-mouthed Avengers in her wake.
      "Are you SURE her eyes weren't the crystalline blue, the sign for being controlled?" Stark asked, blinking at the spot where they had left.

      "I'm sure."


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  46. Hello snowy! Whats up?Your blog is amazing! I also love your channel on Youtube! If u want to buddy me on animal jam my use is animalrock5632. Okay thanks bye!

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    Hey Snowy! I Watch Your Videos On I hope You See This Message Thank You :)

  48. awesome videos! I think my favorite is carried away by passion pit.


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