Monday, June 2, 2014

Rare Propeller & Mistakes

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Heyo jammers!!! Cutegirl2001 here, to tell you today's Rare Propeller on the 6th page of Bahari Bargains!

Well there hasn't been an underwater RIM for a long time! But if anything, this is the perfect one, especially with it's blue hues!

Speaking of long times, today is the last day to buy the spartan helmet, which might not be around for quite a while.

Well it seems like there is a probable double mishap in this glitch, because it seems AJHQ allows only number usernames and the words are a bit mixed up

However at least you can tell that the animal is there! In this situation, the poor animals seem to have disappeared and it's not even  anywhere near Halloween! But since it's near/is summertime, what are your favorite things to do in Jamaa during summertime?

For this week's MM, I know it might have been a little predictable, but c'mon it's interesting!!
What is the story behind the hyenas? What is their story, why have they come to Jamaa? How was their life before Jamaa? As always, I look forward to reading your super stories!

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  1. First comment! very intresting! ill do my hyena post on my iPad with a diffrent account.

    1. Haha, congratulations on first, Catabogus!


    2. YARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WJFBAFBAIUFLKB!!!! Thats ''YARG'' in spanish >:3

    3. Ok here is my story about hyenas:

      Greely was walking around the forest when he heard a noise. He stoped and examend his surroundings. He sensed a phantom approaching. It came over to greely then hesitated. It said "You seem to be a wise animal, I should not say this but". The phantom paused then said "A new spirit stone is to be found around these parts!". Then he went back In to the bushes.

      Greely was sitting in the alpha hut with the others. He had explained to them about the spirit stone. So the alphas set out. Cosmo talked to a couple of plants and they pointed him in the direction of a cave. He walked very slowly inside. He walked for hours, it was pitch black. He then saw a faint glow, and hesitated then walked closer. He saw vines trapping a glowing stone. He relised it was the spirit stone. The vines then opened up and let Cosmo reach out and grab the stone. He teleported back to the hut and called the alphas.

      Liza said" shall we activate it" Peck then said " hurry up I wanna know what it is!" So Liza waved her stick and curvy plant appeared with a curve in the middle. Cosmo walked over and placed it in. The vines waved around frantically. Then the vine made a shape. It was a hyena. Peck gasped and greely looked shocked. The shape then seemed to grow fur. Then it came Alive. Liza greated the hyena then magic swirled around him. Greely said "now jammasians can be one".

      Thanks for reading my story it took a while XD

    4. Wow! Great story!

    5. I love your story, Catabogus. :)

    6. On my chat, something weird happened, and when I was writing, the words were teeny tiny, and up in the corner... WEIRD!


    7. So I'm not the only one with that problem! My My.

    8. I wish AJHQ would do spirit stones with all the new diamond animals >.<

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    10. This comment has been deleted by Domo because I stole his cookie >:3

    11. Congrats, Catabogus! *throws cats on you*
      And that is an epic story! Peck is always so impatient. X3



    14. Lol I'm on a different account hey has any one see some one named emmajflynn on animal jam because that's me :3

    15. Thanks to all of your nice comments about my story i got the winning prize! thanks so much!
      I am using the blank account again :(

    16. oh! I just gotr onto my account yay!

    17. ur story is amaaaaazing! and plus, ITS SHORT cuz i dont like big books with noooooooo pics... btw im in like middle skool. HAVE FUNNNN :P

  2. The new item looks terrific!

    1. Oof! Congratulations on unsaid second, Bat Manhero!


    2. Agreed since i bet members are gunna like it XD

    3. All items are nice as in my point of view.

    4. I agree.. Except the moon hat. If you change the COLOUR of it to red it looks really creepy

    5. why did it capitalize COLOUR oh look it did it again what the heck is up with my autocorrect

    6. Congratulations!
      I agree with you, Hayluc. That moon hat has quite the smile. ^u^

  3. Third! Congrats to 1st and unsaid 2nd!

    Please visit my blog:

    1. Check out my blog!
      My story based on my opinion of 'How Hyenas Came to Jamaa' is posted everyday!

      (only six chapters, one each day)

    2. Congrats!

      Why nobody commenting on yours?

      I mean 3rd is a high number???

    3. Congratulations! 3, is a high number, you are right anonymous. Maybe people didn't get around to commenting yet. ouo


    5. Congratulations on third, Rainbow! Your blog rocks ;-D!


  4. 5th! I will miss spartan helmets!

    1. Let's see... wippee! It seems that you are fourth - great job ;-D!

    2. Congrats! i bet spartan helmets will soon become rare!

    3. Me too. I love Greek mythology and history and the Spartans were a city state -- well anyway before I start fangirling, I better stop writing this... xD

    4. wait wait let me guess do you read the Percy Jackson series? (Those books are awesome)

    5. Congratulations! ^_^
      *gives 10000 spartan helmets*
      Nao you won't miss them anymooore!

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    1. No, no, no! Jammers care :-D. And besides, you are fifth ;-).

    2. Congratulations! You care, you commented after all. ^.^

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    1. Anyway, that was just my "happy sixth" comment xD!

      Here's what I really was suppose to say: Oh! So today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare Propeller... next time, I'm checking every shop - even the underwater ones. And yes, it's been quite a long period of time since there wasn't any RIM that was underwater, aye?

      *Sniffles* goodbye, Spartan Helmet! We will remember you... wait! There's still time to buy you - wait, I couldn't Dx!

      Huh? What are those words...? KAJHGFA;LKJFDF? I don't get it... NONE OF US DO, ANIMAL JAM HQ! xD

      Ahh, ghosts! Erm, never mind. Those are just floating nametags, which I see all the time >:3. To answer your question, I like going voice lessons and rehearsals in a music school I am in :-D!

      Hmm... what IS the story behind hyenas? I'll try to figure that out, someday Dx.


    2. I think you and Tigerstar26 tied.. Look at the times! Congrats anyway.

    3. What if... what if them hyenas don't even have a story. That'd be sad. uwu
      Anyway, congratties on your commenttie. ouo

    4. Likely however we will never know MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAH!!!! no

  7. @roorooka
    You're fourth :3.

    You're fifth :-D!


  8. I like to go to Disney World and use Instagram in the summer. Lol suck right? 😎

    1. YARG! I never get to go to Disney World because now my mom had a new (Annoying) baby (GIRL!!!!) And because she is super small and my mom is afraid that if she goes there she might lose our new (Annoying) baby (GIRL!!!) Ugh now thats 2x the annoyence 2x the less BOY items for me! I sure am jealous! >:U

    2. I love Instagram. xDDD Ooh Disney world! That sounds pretty neat. I wish there was a Disney World on the west coast instead of disney land, because basically one is a bigger more epic version of the other... :o anyway, yay for Mia getting off topic! lol

    3. *West Coast by Lana del Rey plays in the distance*

    4. Eternal, always overreacting to things. XD

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  10. 16th or 17th? Hur hur.
    Uggghhhh I had McDonalds for my "birthday dinner" bout 3 hours ago. I am still full.
    Uggghhh I wanna eat doe >:(


    2. ewww come on eternal i can throw up my oatmeal on your head now


    4. I got to fancy places so...

    5. Uuuhhhhghhh..... I had mcdonalds once I'm a major carnivore so I usually luuuuurrrve meat, but mcdonalds you can actually TASTE the stress chemicals of animals killed in pain and misery... so, not my thing...

    6. McDonalds is ew. 'nuff said. ouo

    7. I'm okay with it but in some cases I agree with Snow myself I have always felt sorry for the animals being a crazy animal lover...

    8. I ever thought about the animal part... next time when I go to mc donalds when my mom asks me why i'm crying as I eat my burger i'm going to tell her that you ppl spoiled my mind with only a post on the stupid computer. MWA HA HA HA !

  11. 17th or 18th? XD got to go do my french homework, bye


  12. Well, here goes my story:

    Hyenas are the meanest and silliest animals. Even though the world can be a peaceful place, they can still ruin it. The first hyenas lived in a savannah that is very faraway from Jamaa. The hyena pack leader named March decided that they should prank the king of the savannah (a lion) so he can give up and they can take his place. In that same day, one of the pack members were banished from the lion and gone from the land and might never come back which is why the pack was scared and want to take revenge.
    "My son was banished from that cat", Marsh said. "We must prank the king in some way so we can fool with animals more freely."
    The rest of the hyenas cheered. They agreed with Marsh's idea so they went to the surface and planned for a trap. The decided that they will make a catapult; they will launch the lion into the mud pool that was not faraway. Marsh decided that he will take one of his low-class hyena members Hevan to distract the lion towards the catapult.
    "Put I don't wanna do this, sir", Hevan said.
    "You must do as I say, Hevan, distract the old cat", Marsh shouted but then he joked around. "You scared, Hevan? C'mon it's so easy for nice hyenas like you."
    All of the hyenas laughed but not Hevan. He was tired of hyenas making fun of him every day so he decided to show that he was like the rest. The lion Otomi was walking to greet his animal friends but he spotted a hyena, an outsider of his land. Hevan sighed but he still went for the plan. Otomi ran towards Hevan but he didn't move one bit. He was staring at the king frozen.
    "USE THE CATAPULT YOU FILTHY ANIMALS", Marsh shouted at the hyenas. "He's gonna die if you don't launch him!" and the hyenas launched Hevan into the air and he dived into the mud pool. He heard the lion roar:
    "And stay out of my savannah, outsider!"
    Hevan was covered with mud when he got out of the pool. All the hyenas laughed at him, including Marsh.
    "So, how did I do?" Hevan asked, smiling nervously.
    "You did awful", Marsh laughed loudly. "I was right when I first met you, you don't belong in the pack!" The rest of the hyenas continued laughing but Hevan had enough.
    "That's it, I'm quitting the pack", Hevan growled. "I'll never forget this day when you bothered me the most. I'm done!"
    Hevan ran as fast as he can. and he didn't see that Otomi the lion was attacking and killed some hyenas even the pack leader behind him. Hevan ran for a few days and never stopped, until he found a mystical land where many types of animals lived.
    "So, another new animal came to Jamaa", a calm voice said. Hevan turned around to see a panda.
    "I'm Liza, the panda Alpha", Liza said."I've seen how brave you were back there. You never pranked anyone but you were forced to but you weren't afraid one bit."
    "I just wanted to be part of the pack that I grew up in." Hevan said and he hold back his tears that were trying to escape from his eyes.
    "Come with me", Liza said. "I'll show you around and would you like to be the hyena Shaman?"
    Hevan nodded and walked with Liza to his new home, Jamaa.


    I hope you enjoyed reading it!


    1. There's no hyena shaman so far...


    3. Pawsome story, Krazy! You are a really good author. :)

    4. Krazy, that's an amazing story! Creative names too! ^u^

  13. Replies
    1. Eh, it's only a recolor of an item.
      But still, the coloration does go with underwater themes. I'd say it's... mossy. ouo

  14. 15th yay!!!! I like today’s rare! I think that the phantoms took over the hyenas land so they had to flee and Liza invited them to Jamaa. Short I know, but I gotta go to school :P Congrats to all above me! Could anyone check out my blog?

    1. Congrats, and interesting thought! It seems like many animals came to Jamaa because of the phantoms. Maybe they aren't all that bad.

  15. When the pandas left to take a break, they planned to be by themselves in the wilderness. But, as always, the pandas did not plan right. To name one mistake, they ended up in Africa. Africa is home to lots of animals including: Hyenas, giraffes, hyenas... Oh, did I mention hyenas? Yes? Oh, well I meant to. Anyway, when the pandas heard the hyenas' demented cackling, they were sure it was a ghost (you know how pandas believe almost all myths they hear). So, of course, they didn't run, or try to defend themselves, or even just hide. They stood there, eyes wide open from the sight of the hyenas. These weren't anything like they thought the creatures would look like. Then, the hyenas burst out in laughter at the sight of the pandas. THEN the pandas ran. Pandas stumbled over other pandas trying to get away. To this, the hyenas just laughed. And, since hyenas are obviously much faster than pandas, they eventually caught up. The pandas were caught in a rocky corner, scared. The hyenas were still laughing when they got there. They said they just wanted to find a permanent home to stay at. The pandas recommended Jamaa (their homeland). The hyenas thanked them and started on the route to Jamaa. On their way, some Animal Jam Moderators saw them heading toward Jamaa. They thought this would be a great idea of something to put in the Jamaa Journal.

    And that is how hyenas got to Jamaa. Hope you liked it!

    1. That is an interesting and unique story! I would've never thought of another animal finding the hyenas!

    2. ShadowChizard is right! THere should be more storys like it!

  16. Oh, and can someone check out our blog,

  17. Haha. I'm not first comment. Not trying to be mean or anything, this is just a joke, but has anybody remembered this poem?:

    First is the worst
    Second is the best
    Third is the one with the cherry chest
    And fourth gets a wedding dress!

    Lol, I think I'M the first to say that. XD
    Jam on!

    1. I think it was actually this:

      First is the worst
      Second is the best
      Third is the one with the treasure chest

      That was like, So, So, So important in 1st grade. Mrs. Pickett would get so mad XP.

    2. I remember this:

      First the worst
      Second the best
      Third the nerd with a hairy chest XD
      Fourth gets a wedding dress

      But idk :3

    3. Let's stick to the chest. Poor 3rd. Alone, no one congratulate.

      I think deserve more. (:

    4. I know it as
      First is the worst
      Second is the best
      Third is the one with the hairy chest
      Forth is the one with the diamond dress (forgot to get dressed too)

    5. And Fourth is the one with a hairy chest! (Or dress, Can't remember) Anyway.. Yeah :3

    6. Cherry chest? XD
      I thought it was treasure chest... ouo
      Hairy chest? Well maybe it's the scaaary chest. Oooohh. *fails at making ghost sounds*

    7. Well you can use any I use (hairy) chest for some reason XD

  18. A Hyena's Story...

    The alphas were sitting around a new soulstone that Liza and the Pandas found, it had purple spots. Liza sighed and said, "We ended up in Africa, and some dog with a hunched back gave us this, and he said 'Our population will die someday, and I want you to keep it from doing so', I had no clue what this was until he left." Peck smiled, "Well! Lets get to crackin'!", they cracked a smile at her joy. "I think this is a soul stone though," Greely said seriously. They all nodded and started to extract the soul from the stone and into the animal-izer.

    When it was almost over, Peck exclaimed, "Oh! A hyena!" Greely nodded and they all started discussing this animal and the facts while it was finishing. "Hheheheehekekekekekekkssesese!" They turned around and saw the Hyena. "See! A hyena," said Peck calmly as they saw it laugh.

    They started examining it for weeks and weeks until it was ready to become a Jammaa animal, but Liza invited ALL the Hyenas to come be in Jammaa. "Thank you..." said the eldest Hyena, "Now we can be free."

    Thats how it happend, all from one soul stone, the Hyenas are now free, and are not going to be judged by any other thing.

    Morale of the story: It is nice to help others.

    1. Soul stones. Interesting. Peck is always so funny, even in everyone's stories. XD

    2. I recon this was great loved every story!

  19. The story which is 2nd comment right at the top of the blog.... is not that good because there r random capital letters and too much weird stuff and description. I like the story in front of my comment, it is better. But they both have a good story-line, the 1st story needs someone better to write it though, it has a good story-line still.

  20. And btw, ANONYMOUS who wrote the 2nd story, then it is spelt like this: JAMAA and not like this: JAMMAA. You used the second spelling which is the wrong version, sorry, I am practically perfect in every way XD loving to correct XD

    1. It took even me a while to get that right XD

    2. You're not perfect. No one is. No human is perfect.

  21. And because I am 20th person if you include my other comments as my first comments, because they ARE, then I am 20th which is almost like 10th which is like 5th which is like 4th 3rd 2nd and 1st! And being 1st means you usually get gifts if you leave your username! So that is why I'm proud of myself! And it's the same person who did the comments about ppl with wrong spellings and grammar, so I am leaving my username now:
    -gemmarocks112- please jamagram me

  22. Interesting RIM... idk how I feel about the propeller item itself, but at least AJHQ didn't splurge this time and put horrible colors on it, xD. Sorry for not commenting in forever! :( I'll try to more, as summer is coming and school is coming to a close (YIPPEE! lol). But this summer I'm training at gymnastics for 15-20 hours a week so I'm still not quite sure if I can come back to being active here and on AJ until summer is over. :'c ugh my schedule is SO confusing. xD


    One morning, Greely woke up in a Phantom portal and he knew something was wrong. He asked his Phantom servants to gather his food, water and supplies for the night. They did what their boss told them to do.

    Greely sensed something was happening, so he set off through the BETA Adventures Camp and then to Zios where he met Graham. "Hello, Graham," he said. "I sensed something was wrong.... so I came to check if you alphas were all okay."

    "Oh yes, we're fine," agreed Graham. "But we heard some awful howling last night, so we were going to come and see if YOU wolves were okay, and their leader." He was referring to Greely, because Greely was the wolf alpha.

    "Well maybe the howling came from other dogs.... like coyotes," suggested Greely, but there were no playable coyotes in AJ.
    "Well, what if it was foxes?" said Peck, as the other alphas and herself gathered round.

    "I'm not sure, but I heard that hyenas are dogs as well," reported Sophia the Horse Shaman.

    Sir Gilbert was very wise and he knew that hyenas were actually related to cats, more closely than they were related to dogs. "Dogs are not hyenas, dogs are the other 3 animals.... but yes, it could be hyenas."

    So they searched for hyenas....


  24. PART 2

    Finally, the alphas were exhausted but they still hadn't found hyenas or any other animals which could have been howling all night.
    They didn't think to check the oceans, because hyenas didn't live in the ocean! And no ocean animals could howl, so what was the point?

    But as they were walking through Crystal Sands, they saw an octopus float up from Crystal Reef on a huge bone. "I was the witness of all this horrible killing," he confessed in a guilty voice. "I saw the huge dogs, they were ripping the meat off zebras and this is the only left-over."
    All the alphas gasped. Their suspicions had been correct after all!

    "Well, where did they go?" stammered Peck, without any hesitation at all. "It's getting dark and we have to be back at the Adventure Training Grounds before the moon comes up!"

    "The hyenas went over there," said the octopus, and he pointed seven of his tentacles to Sarepia Forest, while he used the other one to cling onto the bone as it swayed in the water. "Okay, guys, I'll see you around later!" And he jumped off the bone and SPLASHED into the water, showering the alphas with drops.

    As it was almost midnight, the alphas finished their tour of Sarepia and, with a heavy heart each, they decided they had to pack up and go home. That was when they heard a bloodcurdling HOOOOWL in the distance.

    They slid down the slide at lightning-fast speed and crashed into a hyena pup at the bottom. It wasn't a distant howl - it was just very very quiet. The hyena pup was only a week old! "HOOOOWL!" he cried desperately. "I want my mommy!"

    Eventually, the alphas returned the pup to his mom, his dad, and a huge hyena family. They were ecstatic and so happy, they would do a favour for the alphas in return. "Oh, we just want you to come and visit our town, please," begged Ruby the Rhino Shaman.

    So, the hyenas visited Jamaa but they fell in love with the lovely town so so so much, they couldn't bear to leave. So hyenas moved into Jamaa!

  25. So, I went underwater today. I looked at my clothes. The clothes that you can only wear on land had Arctic Wolves on them. Then after I bought the Rare Item Monday (RIM) I went to my den. Then I looked at the clothes you can only wear under the sea. They had Snow Leopards on them. So, I would like to know if anybody knows what this is all about. I was thinking that they only had those pictures on certain rare items. Does anybody know what they are really for?

  26. The comment above is my old account. I don't use it anymore. So, yeah. I don't use it.

  27. I have no story but hey so happy :3

    why am I so happy today? I'ma having a Unikitty day :D

    not bad item I guess...

  28. BTW it's me! the person who did the story that's closest to this comment! I am -gemmarocks112-

    Please search me on Animal Jam because I don't have a Utube account or a GOOGLE account so I am ANON GEMMAROCKS112 for now so please try your best to search me!

    Don't buddy me though. Eek, full list DX but please jamagram me and tell me stuff like, your animal's names, and why you're jamagram-ing, and stuff.

    Okay, also thx to everyone who liked my story which is the closest one and it's from the same person as me! gemmarocks112! and also, I do mailtimes in my den, so if you want some good grabs like rares, then jamagram and ask when it's time for mailtime!

    See you in my den! (unless it's locked) ! From gemmarocks112


    When you're underwater, the Snow Leopard icon comes up on clothes that your land animals wear.... and when you're on land, the Snow Leopard icon comes up on clothes that your underwater animals wear.... so it's always clothes, and the opposite of where you are. Sometimes it's Arctic Wolves.

    I think it might be suggesting that Arctics and Snow Leps are special in some ways???? And maybe they have Adventures coming soon, and also maybe their alphas will be discovered! Because Diamond animals don't have alphas (yet), I think that's what's coming!!!!


    1. Thank you! I think that may be the reason. Great theory by the way!


    It's me. ;-)

    First of all my mini giveaway! If you would like a turquoise ring and a racoon hat. I will be able to do member items soon maybe, but because I'm a non member right now I can't. Sorry.
    I know not many people are gonna enter. I was thinking of doing it during the Summer Carnival so you can recycle the item and use the gems to but tickets. I dunno.

    MM TIME!!
    I knew the MM would be about hyenas.
    Also,whenever I write all my chapters separately they never seem to post. So I had to give up on the rare moustache. Sorry!
    Here goes:

    Chapter 1: The mission..

    "You have 1 week. You have to get into groups of 4 and create a little presentation about the history of anything related to Jamaa," declared Miss Fox, Blossom, Princess, Fairy and Snowflake's teacher. "Right, I want Blossom to be with Fairy and Princess. Duke with Daredevil, Master and Major, Twinkle with.. ah yes - Sparkle, Rosy and Fauna. Twinkle, move over there, please thank you. Snowflake.. join Fairy's group. Explorer, Expert, Infinity and Victory, you 4 become a group. There! All settled?" The class nodded. Miss Fox took a long sip of coffee. She wasn't used to saying lots at a time. "Right. You all must bring in your presentations after the one - week holiday I'm going to be giving you."
    "Yes!" The class was cheering. They loved holidays, all of them. It was a time to get a little break from the hard work and learning they had to do.
    The bell rang. The foxes clustered around the door, bursting to get home.

    The next morning, Blossom woke up bright and early. She got out her pink paw laptop and opened it. She sent a video chat request to her presentation group.
    Blossom and her friends were determined to get high marks on all of their school projects. If they did, they would get an extra special trip and a delicious cream tea!
    "Hi! Meet me today in the Diamond Shop. I have an amazing idea our project. Save up 10 diamonds. You can borrow some off me. Buy a hyena, then I'll tell you the rest." She protested.
    "Okay. See you."

    Blossom waited for her 4 fox friends.
    When they bought their hyenas and transformed, Blossom told them the rest of the plan.
    "We're gonna need camping stuff. We're gonna go to the far end of Appondale, because that's where hyenas came from. Then we can find out WHY they're here in the first place!"
    "Good idea." replied Snowflake, "BUT it must be better than Sparkle's. Ugh, she's working with her little bossy gang, so that means we don't have to tolerate her annoying voice for this whole week!"
    "Hmm.." Fairy nodded. "She's almost top non the class. I hate the way she shows off about it."

    Blossom's friends disappeared and met up at the far end of Appondale with all their camp equipment. Princess and Snowflake began to set up camp and tried to angle the camera correctly.
    Meanwhile, Blossom and Fairy wondered off even further out of Appondale, nearly into Crystal Sands at the very edge of Jamaa, trying to find a few fruits to make a little salad treat. They picked a few bananas and pineapples, strawberries and mangoes, and other delicious fruit.
    "Hmm.. more bananas?" Asked Blossom, reaching out for a ripe banana.
    Then there was a small rustle behind the girls.
    "Did you hear that?" Questioned Fairy.
    "Yes," replied Blossom, whispering, "I think I know what it is. I think we've just found our first hyena snap shot!"



    1. CHAPTER 2: Hyena!

      "Ow! I'm not a hyena!" Came a voice.
      Blossom and Fairy saw a small paw rise up, releasing thousands of tiny sparkles on the hyena's head. There was a flash and a magical humming noise as the hyena transformed into a fox to reveal...
      "SPARKLE?" Said Blossom and Fairy simultaneously. "You're supposed to be working on your little poxy project. Not snooping around Appondale."
      "This is my project. And you're in my way. I'm doing about the hyenas' story. I guess you're doing about the making of Appondale? Pfft!" Sparkle turned round and skipped to her own little camp.
      "Ugh! And I thought Sparkle was gonna do the history of her own provocative gang." Blossom giggled. Fairy spluttered. The 2 hyenas ran to their camp to discover Snowflake and Princess still working in the camera.



      "Guess what," said Blossom.
      "What?" Asked Snowflake.
      "Sparkle's doing the same project as us. She thinks we're doing the history of Appondale, but she's doing exactly what we are - the history of hyenas!" Answered Blossom.
      Snowflake's face drooped.
      "You promised that she wouldn't think of it. Now we have to get snapshots before Sparkle or she'll get the cream tea and trip and rub it in our faces." She mumbled.
      "Look, we just need to get on with the project. Always take a camera with you. Who's for some toast?"


      I'm so sorry about this! DX


  31. I got a story for MM!

    One sunny day in Jamaa, a jammer that has studied the outside of Jamaa for years, was exploring the outside of Jamaa. He saw a group of hyenas and quickly hid behind a rock. He was afraid he would get attacked by them. But a baby hyena saw him and made a tiny peep! The hyenas pushed the rock away and saw the jammer. He was so scared! But the hyenas were friendly :)! So the jammer told them everything about Jamaa! They were so interested in seeing Jamaa that they told almost every hyena outside of Jamaa! Soon, there were enough hyenas to fill one animal pocket in each jammer's animal list! But AJHQ saw that most of the jammers were so excited that they would probably run out so no one could get a second hyena. So AJHQ and the alphas made the hyenas diamond and members only so they would not run out so quickly. Then soon, Peck designed and made an animal stone for the hyena so it would be an animalthat would never run out! But AJHQ kept the price of the hyena.

    This story was by SNOWBALLFORLILLY :)

  32. new hat out , its like straw btw im misty2610

  33. Not going to swear, this is a public blog...


  35. Actually, 47537 is an actual Animal Jam username...

  36. My Hyena Story

    All the Alphas were in their huts when the sound came. It was a laugh, and a giggle mixed into one funny sound. They looked outside. 2 hyenas where laughing about something.
    "Did You see one phantom? It looked SOOO mad!" a grey hyena with pink dots shrieked happily. "No, but that sounds absolutely funny, Speck!" A black hyena with blue dots replied then cracked up. "Opal, What about the funny looking rock you saw?" Speck burst out laughing.

    To be continued!

  37. Hello people! ^.^

    So anyways, I've read all the Monday Mysteries for today. My favorites are Krazy's, The AJ's, diamond147, Catabogus, and gemmarocks112. They're well written! :)

    The Spartan Helmet reminds me of this ha ha:
    THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!!!! :U I learned about Sparta, Ancient Greece, all that last year in my SS/History class. c:
    Poor, poor AJ-version Spartan Helmet is leaving!?! shall cry :'c (XD No I didn't actually cry over a Spartan Helmet pixel. derp.)

    I've seen that "ghost Jammer" glitch many times before. Most likely to happen when I'm laggy. DX I absolutely HATE lag. But hey, who does?

    That is a unique and interesting name, you turtle there! :3


  38. Ooh ooh! -raises paw-
    Ok so.... I just realized that the Rare Propeller has 2 gears on it- 1 small 1 big. They remind me of the gear symbol which showcases our account "Settings". Also, I like the colors of this RIM- so Earthy. blue, green. Ya. :P After I've bought the item, I somehow thought about my underwater pets. Very weird & random. Derp. o3o

  39. Hyenas are a silly animal, don't you think? They are always playing tricks on the other jammers in Jamaa!
    The hyenas were not always this enthusiastic, nor joyful. They used to be very surly animals, who sulked around their homeland.
    Not only were these animals surly, but they were vicious creatures as well. They constantly got into small bickers, and at some times they got into full-blown fights among their pack-mates.
    But, this wouldn't be for long. Greely and Sir Gilbert were padding alongside the giraffes, whom had been traveling to find new animals to welcome to Jamaa. Along their journeys, they had found mysterious pawprints in the dusty ground, and mysterious scents laced among the scent of the fresh, long savanna grass.
    So, they departed from the giraffes while they were resting. They were following the pawprints, trying to find the mysterious animal who had left them behind.
    The sun eventually set over the horizon, and the two alphas had no choice but to find shelter. They continued for only a little while longer, and came across the cave.
    "That's odd..." Greely had said to Sir Gilbert in his grave, deep voice.
    "What is, fellow Greely?" Sir Gilbert had replied, his voice and the expression in his eyes giving away his pure confusion.
    "The scent... it's the same scent from the grasses earlier. It's coming from the cave." Greely gestured towards the cave with his paw, "We should check it out, see if the animal is in there... Or whatever it is." He shrugged. Out of all of the alphas, he would be the only one who knew of the phantoms, and how they disguised themselves, since he had been secretly studying them for the past few years.
    Sir Gilbert shrugged, but didn't make a counter-argument against Greely. He knew that if the alpha wanted to check it out, he would get his way- no matter what.
    So, that's what the two alphas did. They padded into the cave, and glanced around. One of the smaller Hyenas, scrambled to her paws, and turned to the alphas. She bared her teeth at them, clearly, these animals were hostile.
    "What are you doing here, intruders?" She snarled through her bared teeth, her eyes narrowed.
    "We come to greet you.... dogs." Greely had said awkwardly. He didn't exactly know what these animals were... they had the features of a dog, so he took a guess.
    "Dogs?" She challenged, managing a small chuckle, "Please. We are not dogs, we are more vicious, more brutal than the delicate little dogs."
    Sir Gilbert replied this time, forcing himself to speak calmly, and not show of the hatred he automatically felt towards these animals, "If you may, come with us. We have many towns, that will be available to your service."
    The hyena glared for a minute longer, then spoke calmly, "I apologize for my hostility." This surprised Greely and Sir Gilbert, they didn't know how she had gone from angry, to calm in just a matter of seconds, "These creatures... called phantoms.." she continued, her ear giving a light flick, "they have taken over my pack, and they seem to have left us when they felt your presence."

    When dawn had come, the two alphas and the hyenas set out for Jamaa. The giraffes had already made their way back, of course, but they had heard the news that a new animal was coming.
    Weeks later, the alphas and the hyenas came to Jamaa. The hyenas were still quiet animals, but with the help of others, they soon became enthusiastic, loud, and found what they were good at; pulling pranks, and playing tricks on the other animals.

    Ha, I had nothing good to write! I hope you enjoyed it though... Even though it sucked XD


  40. How the Hyenas came to Jamaa

    Stone slashed the Eagle's eyes. It screeched and swung its head from side to side, trying to shake blood from its view. Not wasting any time, Stone fled to the Sacred Acacia. He lay under its big trunk, thicker and stronger than two Elephants combined. Just then, the Tribe Leader, Sun, lept onto one of the branches.
    "I call a meeting of the Hiena Tribe!" Sun belowed.
    All of the Hyenas, pup and adult, gathered under the Sacred Acacia.
    "The Eagles that are preparing to go to another land are still attacking us."
    The Eagles, of the A'guila Tribe, had gone to find a new land, and the ones that had left behind until they found one were still attacking them.
    "If we keep up like this, we'll be wiped out for good. We have no choice but to settle in another land. I want you all to prepare." Sun declared. A few of the Hyenas looked like they wanted to argue, but they were silent.
    "We shall leave at Dawn."
    Sun padded through the dim cave. He wove around the crags and glowing stones until he reached an opening. He couldn't believe what he saw.
    A building, made out of stone, was painted green. There was a puddle of mud with rocks and termite mounds around it. There was a tree with a door, a window, and a sign with a butterfly on it.
    "I see you have found Appondale."
    Sun jumped and whipped around. There was a huge Tiger, at least two yards high. We wore big, metal anklets and had a red cape on his back, resting on the Tiger's shoulders were things that looked like metal armor. "Who are you?" Sun asked the Tiger.
    "I am Sir Gilbert, the Tiger Alpha. Are you lost?" 'Sir Gilbert' asked.
    "Actually, yes. We had to abandon our home in search of somewhere to settle." Sun admitted.
    "You are free to settle here, if you wish. This land is called Jamaa. Come, I shall introduce you to the other Alphas. We will prepare you to stay here." Sir Gilbert offered.
    "Okay," he said thankfully.
    Life in Jamaa was good. Even though the Eagles had also settled here, the Animals were nice and caring. Sun and the others had new names, Sun now being called Incredible Sunnybrave. The young Hyenas that didn't have mothers were sold in the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds, and life was peaceful. *This has to be the best thing my Tribe stumbled upon,* Sun thought happily.


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    1. think of who you like
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      p.s. : I hope you understand, because now I've become deperate for that kiss... MWA HA HA HA

  43. Alright, story time! So gather 'round.

    *~By sparklegirl252 (buddy me)~*

    A long time ago, and I mean a LONG time (even before the Beta Days!), there were millions of animals in Jamaa. There were all the normal and common animals we see today, like wolves, seals, foxes, kangaroos, etc., but there were also never-seen-before animals like jackals, snakes, owls, coyotes, lynxes, dinosaurs, and even crabs. One of these animals was the hyena. During these times, each animal had a specific purpose in Jamaa. For example, the assignment for the koalas was to look after all of the plants in Jamaa. The assignment of the hyenas was to keep the other animals of Jamaa entertained. The hyenas did their job well at first, but their when their shaman, Quam, died, all were heartbroken. Quam had been the perfect leader; he loved to laugh, he loved to make others laugh; but he was also wise and kind. As soon as the hyenas held a funeral and went through a month of mourning, they elected a new leader, Saevum.
    Saevum was very different from the late Quam. He did love to laugh, but not in the same way. He enjoyed laughing at unkind jokes or pranks, or at someone else's expense. But he was a popular leader, and the hyenas all liked him. So they followed along. Soon, making jokes and entertaining others became entertaining themselves: pulling pranks, stealing, mocking other Jammasians, running across Jamaa and trampling everything in their path. Soon it got so bad that Saevum was no longer considered a shaman; but the mean treatment continued. So the other shamans held a council to determine the answer to the problem.
    "Alright, settle down," proclaimed Liza at the head of the table, who was even then the leader of the shamans. "We're here to find a solution to the problem of the hyenas."
    "Hear, hear!" complained the cheetah shaman, Fleetfoot, standing. "The hyenas, lead by Saevum, are stealing from us!" He sat down among a call of general approval.
    "They're destroying all our plants!" agreed Cosmo.
    "They made a mess of all my inventions!" moaned Graham.
    "And they ripped up all of our drawings!" Peck said finally. A roar of applause and approval followed her words as she sat back down.
    "So, what do you all propose we do about this?" asked Liza.
    "Drive them out!" roared the lion shaman, Leo. This was followed by calls of agreement.
    "Does everyone agree on this?" Liza asked, uncertainly. Every animal answered with a noise; the lion shaman with a roar, the snake shaman with a hiss, the wolf shaman with a howl, the dog shaman with a bark, etc. "Very well," said Liza, adding her panda's growl to the din. "Tonight, we drive the hyenas out of Jamaa!"
    That very night, all of the shamans gathered a force of their animals and ran the hyenas out and into the Uncharted Lands, where no animals dared to venture.
    They thought it a good idea at the time, but after the hyenas all died out, other animals also started to disappear. The snakes, the lynxes, the cats, until only the six of the beta days were left. Cosmo identified the cause as a phantom plague that would make the receiver turn black until he/she withered away into dust. Those six alphas created a magical barrier around the small part of Jamaa we inhabit today, to keep it safe. Slowly more lands have been cleansed, and more animals recovered. We hope to bring Jamaa back to its full extent someday.
    Comment and buddy me if you liked!

  44. I have to put snipets of my story because its too long! XD Btw this is a monday mystery.
    Here is my story about the hyenas! (This is meh first time writing a monday mystery so idk really what to do lol.)

    The wind howled and a single leaf billowed in the winds of the forgotton desert.... The leaf flew in the air, the gentle breeze guide it through the lands, past the remaining hyena pack, the last in the whole land of jamaa. A strange figure lurked toward the hyena camp.
    The figure approched a desert temple of some sort and entered in.


    1. "Wh-who are you?" said the keeper of the temple.
      "I am from the jamaa township, the Alphas sent me here." said the cloaked figure.
      "Ma-Master! We thought you would never come back!"
      "Well I did come back, with the supplies from the township."
      Then suddenly a roar of thunder shook the desert, sand flying everywhere, and then the sky started to turn a devilish black as purple
      storm clouds rushed in.
      "Quick we must get inside!" said the keeper

  45. They ran within the temple,and quickly shut the doors and slathered the door with a dark tar that quickly turned to a purple steel.
    Everyone gasped as they saw the great master.
    "What is happening!?" said the gate keeper puzzled and in fear.
    "The phantoms are coming." said the cloaked figure.
    "WHAT?!" said the pack in disbelief.
    "The phantoms have taken their toll, this famin was caused by them...
    After those brave jamasians risked their lives saving the animals of jamaa from the phantom volcano, some of them flew into the air landing on the clouds and created the perfect storm! They have been working at it for a while now, and I rushed back here as fast as i could!
    Greely spied on them, and from the info he gathered, we figured out that their phantom king had led the phantoms to messing with the weather, and now they are starting a flood of phantom gloop rain! The only way they can suceed is for them to have the crystal shards! They are about to send out phantoms to gather the shards. We need to get them first." said the cloaked figure.
    "But how? said one of the Hyenas from the pack
    "There are less than 20 of us! Who knows how many shards their are?"
    "We better get started then! Before they aquire most of them!"

    Everyone rushed out of the temple with sacks to carry the shards they find.
    "What?! How do they have the gloop rain already?!" said a pack member.
    "Thats not gloop, those are phantoms." said the cloaked figure
    All of the pack gathered as many shards as they could and rushed into the temple, sealing the entrance again, as the phantoms reached the ground chasing them to the temple.

    "Now what do we do with the shards? Also We barly got any! they will probably gather the rest! We are hopeless! said another pack member.

    "Its simple, we dump the tar on it to turn it to phantom steel so the phantoms cannot use the shards." Said the hooded hyena.

    So the pack dumped the tar on the bags of shards, turning them into phantom steel.

    The phantoms tryed breaking in, but the phantom steel was so sturdy the phantoms could not get in. Then suddenly the Phantom King fell from the sky landing on the temple, causing the steel to crack. "We are doomed!" declared one of the pack members.
    "We are not doomed, as we have help." said the hyena in the black cloak.

    The sky cleared and a flock of birds appeared into the sky suddenly and dove down into the phantoms slashing them with their claws as the phantoms bled into shadows. The shadows then rushed to the phantom king; he became bigger, larger, and stronger.

    "Who are they?" asked the youngest hyena named Lei.
    "They are the Jamaa air force." said the hooded hyena

    1. The two sides clashed, with each phantom down the phantom king became larger. Then when no phantoms were left, the phantom king shook the sky with a loud thunder! All the eagles fainted and lay on the ground knocked out. the phantoms had gathered a single whole crystal, which may lead the phantoms to victory. All the hyenas ran from the temple, as the thunder shook it apart but Lei was stuck under a column made of phantom steel.
      The Phantom king floated after the hyena pack and threw them in the water, thinking they would drown. Lei was scared for her spicies life. She managed to crawl out of the space in which had trapped herself. The phantom king saw her.
      "Mwahaha! What do we have here? Said the evil phantom king
      Lei shivered and ran as the phantom king tried grabbing her with his weird tenticles.
      The phantom king under estimated her. She slid under the phantom king (who was floating) and slowly climbed him to the top of his crown sneakely (if thats a word.) and quickly snatched it and threw it into the phantom tar in which turned it into phantom steal as the phantom king drew into the shadows.

      Everything was back to normal, but the Hyenas were in the river, Lei crying because of her lose of her spicies. She went back to the camp.... No one to be seen. The days went on, turning into weeks, and after 2 weeks of lonelyness, she had hope. 4 eagles flew past the abandand temple. They found Lei, and they went to the township.

      The alphas were at a table with Lei. And she told them what happened to her.
      "We found some Hyenas in the river." said Liza
      Then Lei's Pack walked in, and she reunited with them.
      "For your bravery of fighting the phantom king, you have been declared the Hyena Shaman!" Declared the Alphas.
      The Hyenas now lived within the township with all the other animals, and Lei became the Hyena Shaman. The land of Jamaa is safe, for now....

      Lol thats the end of my story! I didn't edit it so there is probably ALOT of mistakes in it, and i don't want to edit it right now because its 12 am. q.q Well thanks for reading! Comment and buddy me if you enjoyed!

      -3nderwulf :D
      (also the reply thing wouldn't load earlier so i just posted a new comment lol)

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