Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Fire Pit, Snowflake Crown, Elf Shoes

Hey jammers! Today's new items are perfect for the Jamaaliday season! The cosy Winter Fire Pit Table is now available in Jam Mart Furniture, and the lovely Snowflake Crown available in Jam Mart Clothing.
 Happy shopping! ^.^

Invite your buddies over to your den and sit around the cosy winter pit to keep nice and toasty! Why not toast some delicious marshmallows around the fire? Yum yum! Hehe. :D No colour changer glitch this time.
And today's Jamaaliday gift is the cute little Elf Shoes! Perfect for festive outfits and especially an elf outfit. Hehehe. Happy Jamaalidays! ^.^

We have nearly finished our Jamaaliday gift calendars! The gifts have been Jam-tastic and I have enjoyed logging into Jamaa to collect them all. I hope this Jamaaliday mailbox will be our next Jamaaliday gift, and the cool icicles I posted the other day. They look fab, right? 
And these cool seating logs will go perfect for a cosy hangout in my den. I wonder if the seating logs at Mt.Shiver will be a new item available in Jam Mart Furniture? The logs will go perfect with today's new Winter Fire Pit. I love the Jamaaliday season! ^.^
Fancy bonus gems? Play the favourite game, Eat 'Em Up in Bahari Bay for an extra gem bonus. Save up those gems for the new year! That reminds me, the New Year's Party is still not showing on the party menu. Hopefully soon I can post a little tour for you guys. ^.^ 2015 is almost here! 

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