Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Horseshoe Set & Play Wild Beta Ending (+ IOS Version)

*snowyclaw does a leisurely waltz up to the posting board*
*hopes dearly no one minds her posting today*

Hey jammers! Today's returning summery outdoor game item is the Horseshoe Set, sold first page of Jam Mart Furniture. Ain't it cute? I feel like if I were to put it into my den I'd have to put at least one horseshoe on the roof. Never been good with the paw-eye coordination thing.
Remember these coming out a few years ago? Hehe, have a free flashback! Simply click here. Timey-wimey fun, muahaha. ANYwho, in other news we have Play Wild Beta coming to a close, and a projected timeline for the IOS version coming to the Apple App Store.

 Supposedly beta testing ends towards the final days of May, and this IOS version comes in the summer. That's just one more thing to look forward to, yay!! The other thing is my fancy new video series I have in the works right now. It's gonna be magical man, trust me.
*adjusts bowtie*
Just made me happy to see Greely proudly displaying Spanish advertisements for us all. Hehe, this shows how much I've been reading in Spanish lately, aren't you proud of little old me?
Over on the Daily Explorer we also have some fantastic features!
Did you know you can get featured on Animal Jam Spirit?? All you have to do is send your Spirit Snap or your Spirit Artwork to our email at or to me at (I can removed all information but your username from the submission). Then the lovely Spirit Jammers of AJS will show it off for all to see!! I hope you'll send in an entry or two. ^-^

Lastly, as a little blog update, you may have noticed a format change in the comments! Now most of your comments must be approved by a moderator before they appear to other jammers. This just makes our community a little safer, and I think it will a nice little setting for the time being! Plus now you can post pictures and videos...

Long time commentors have the chance of joining the "whitelist," which means their comments are automagically approved without need for moderation. If you show responsible commenting habits (chatting on the chat page and participating in conversation on these update posts), you'll be joining the pre-approved list in no time.
Happy jamming everyone!!


  1. NutterButtersTigerclawMay 6, 2015 at 7:25 AM


  2. tigerlypaws is a whale

  3. The Tigerlypaws Barbie Doll.

  4. Look, I've spotted a whale, oh waits that bitch.

  5. Lilli Walsh's brother LEL skinny rat vs big fat whale, yeah she is covering up that fat with her ugly dress, slag.

  6. They wear so much make up :/

  7. ♡π“π’Ύπ“π“Ž♡May 6, 2015 at 8:08 AM


  8. The Gecko Song
    It tickles my fancy

  9. Great post snowy!! I just love to read your posts!!


  10. i found out if you go through the portal in this wolf's den, it leads to julian 2's den.

  11. Wait, does that mean that Play Wild will be in the app store for EVERYONE, not only the people from beta?


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