Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How To Get Muddy Paw Prints On Animal Jam

Hey jammers! Before we get to something making a buzz around the AJ community, there are new autumn themed items arriving at Jam Mart Furniture. 
Pretty! Now moving onto a certain item making an appearance across Jamaa, sorry to spoil the moment traders, but the Muddy Paw Prints aren't unreleased, in-fact you can purchase the item from the Haunted Manor epic den showroom!
Simply click on the muddy paws inside AJHQ's showroom and a secret shop will pop up. I love how AJHQ add secret shops like this, hopefully AJHQ continue to do so in the future!
And the best news is, the item is for every jammer! Be sure to hurry because today is your last chance to purchase this item which may go up in trade value. AJHQ have also uploaded a sneaky peek at tomorrow's biweeky update!
Looks like Twist and Turns is making another return for all, woohoo, see you in tomorrow's update! 

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