Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bow and Arrows Return

Hey jammers! Yellowdash here! Today on the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar, bows and arrows have returned. Since I already accepted my gift before making today's post, here's my collection of bows from 2012.
Today, I have prepared a retrospective on bows and arrows. Enjoy!

Bows and arrows released in the Jamaaliday gift calendar in 2011 in their more famous, rarer colors. Their inventory model was also different as well.
Picture from the Animal Jam Wiki. Thanks :)
Snowyclaw described them as "pretty epic" in 2011. It was kind of like AJHQ's gift to nonmembers. The item had nothing to do with the holidays, but nobody cared because it was an awesome item for everyone.

In May of 2012, the Golden Bow and Arrows were released. It was yellow, completing the rainbow of bows.
Again, thank you Animal Jam Wiki.
In December of 2012, the second set of bow colors was released, and these are the colors that have been repeated over and over to the point where they are no longer special. The original bows had a rare tag added to them.
 Around the same time. "Neon" bows started popping up in Jamma. If I recall correctly, AJHQ randomly gave these to people after the Jamaaliday Gift ones had been given out. These bows can now be won in the Forgotten Desert.
AJW is the best. Thanks again.

There you have it. The history of Bows and Arrows. I think the item is cool, but only the original colors and the neon bow. The second set looks like it's trying to clone the first. If you'd like to share what you think of bows, comment below! Happy jamming!

And if you want to send me your rares, my username is Tigercat45. /s

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