Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fuzzy Clothing

Hey jammers! Random topic, random post, random items...I dub thee random day! Anyway, here are some examples of fuzzy clothing items (no not fuzzy; warm, fuzzy; glitchy).
Many bunny hats have fuzzy outlines!
We found that the leaf necklaces on tigers (when sitting down) acted funny (not haha funny, hmm funny)! One time the red one had a gold outline, sadly I got no pictures of this phenomenon.
Joe T. (JOE!) told me about screen resolutions, which may be the reason for many glitches you see around Jamaa.
What other funny little glitches can you find around Jamaa?


  1. I know a few:

    When a rhino is wearing leaf leg armor and run, the ones on their front feet slide forwards.

    When a rabbit is wearing elf leg armor and dances, the cuffs fly off their feet.

    I have pictures I could add on Oranoo and my blog for the viewing pleasure.

  2. Cool! I'll try it out with my bunny:P

  3. That cool!!!! well some of us kinda now but never said it they must of waited for someone to say somthin!

  4. i know a crazy glitch. you have to have a monkey and a mask/scary mask/freedom mask or any other mask item i think i named them all though, and put it on your monkey. then sit to NW or NE and look carefully at the back of the mask. you should see random pixels and a brown filling between the feathers. weird glitch huh? JRindler, The Masked Monkey

  5. please say if this was helpful or not (i used the beta black mask and a i never tried it with the others)JRindler please respond snowy i love ur blog and look me up fellow comment viewers

  6. hey I got the MMG for May!! It's a "Spirit Glove!!" it's so awesome!!

    -Kiki5772 peace love spiders


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