Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Jamaalidays

Hey jammers! Sorry for late post, it's Christmas where I live, and my family celebrates it. ^.^ Today's new item is the Jamaaliday Necklace, same as last year, sold in Bahari Bargains.
The daily gift today is 1,000 gems, a good ending point, yes?
Lastly there is a new Epic Den post on the DE.
Happy jamaalidays everyone, I hope you are all at home enjoying some good family time this season. See ya around!


  1. Yay bring on the spin wheel

    ~ foot

  2. Snowy the new item is the jamaaliday necklace in bahari bargains i think O.O-infinitemajesty

  3. umm why arent a lot of people commenting latley on this blog are you guys thinking what im thinking?

    1. People are sick of the rude anonymous ?

    2. And it's the holiday season and people are spending time with family! Plus we aren't all on at the same time to comment xD

  4. well i'm thinking this blog could be.. could be... maybe.. well i should not say it its going to start drama

    1. If you don't want to say it, then why did you mention and comment it?


    2. I agree with ISeaCupcake. No reaso to start Drama! -_-


  5. Merry Christmas to everyone who see my comment!!!
    and for the people who dont celebrate it...well happy what ever you celebrate!!

  6. Merry Christmas!

    Okay, so today I got both an arctic wolf gift card and snow leopard gift card. I don't know which one to use first! On my blog at www.animaljamlightningclan.com
    I made a poll, even though it has nothing to do with lightningclan, where you can vote on which gift card I should use first! This poll ends in a few hours because I want to use my gift card today!

    1. You can use both! If you use both, it will add up to 6 months! You don't have to use them when one ends. :P


    2. Really? Okay thanks that makes sense!

    3. and you keep the animals for any future memberships that you get...

    4. what if you have membership but it's going to run out soon, does that mean all the member things i bought (from jam mart furniture, clothing so on) will be gone too? What about my pets?

      -just a jammer on AJ ^^

  7. YESSSSS i got a camcorder!!! AJ music videos, here i come! (well, once i figure out how lol)

    1. oops forgot to say Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Jamaalidays! :)

  8. ...... STUIPID RUDE PEOPLE!?!?

    Btw random comment

  9. What's bat wallpaper worth? And merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate!

    1. Not much since they're in stores.


  10. heHey jammers I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and in writing this on it I really really love it but the problem is I can't play aj on it

  11. I got a camera and a nook. :) Too bad I can't do internet on my nook. My dog is very happy with her presents; it's her birthday. Merry Christmas everyone! Happy other holidays :D

  12. I got a samsung galaxy tablet 2, and awhole bunch more.merry christmas!!!!!

    -- pac10 (at grandparents house on my tablet)

  13. I got socks, yarn ( for making scarves), some art stuff, more socks, nail polish and other girlie stuff, books <3,other stuff I don't remember, and an iPod touch. Which I'm using at the moment <3
    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.
    Happy Kwanzza, Hanukkah, and so on.


    1. I have an iPod touch 4. I'm on it right now! The thing that stinks is no animal jam on it.


  14. My friend is so happy she got her own house keys! No more daycare!!!

  15. I got a camera, camping stuff (my sister and I are going camping alone in a week or so), a few T-shirts, Books <3, E-books <3 <3, 40 dollars, a bracelet, earrings and other things that are more private. Not much compared to some years, but we went to Europe in July so yeah >.<


  16. i got alot of hello kitty things some dolls art stuff and some mamegoma things (mamegoma is a seal) merry christmas! :)


  17. I got a tablet, a mummy sleeping bag (I wanted to look like Fin from Adventure time XD) a motorpowered scooter and 25 dollar gift card to BABW

    Merry christmas and happy new year! tennessee2001


  19. I got a bunch of American Girl doll things, AJ wristbands, AJ sidekix plush, Luna Lovegoods Harry Potter wand, Luna Lovegood's Spectra-specs, and a ton of books about Gymnastics. Merry Christmas everyone! :D

  20. Merry Christmas everybody and happy holidays to people that don't celebrate Christmas :DDDD

  21. Did anyone else notice that AJ took away the snowman family from the Jamaa Township (near the frozen pond kinda to the left of Club Geoz)?

    Why did they remove it?? XD

  22. Im bored :B
    I didnt get toys because im almost 12. I got a razor..:'( help me! But hey! Its scented! Anywho, mehh doggie, Onyx, got a squeaky skunk...and its annoying -.- anyone want to talk?

  23. I wanna be on top commenters list! :P


  24. Ok Bailey1120 let's chat. I'm bored too....
    Animal Jam isn't working on my computer right now..... I HATE MY COMPUTER.


  25. :B I'm bored. save me from my prison of boredom, someone.


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