Thursday, May 12, 2016

Raccoons Come To Play Wild

Hey jammers! Play Wild has updated with the usual monthly update. Racoons have finally arrived in 3D on mobile -  these adorable critters are available from the Sapphire Shop!
In celebration of racoons calling Play Wild home, there is an all-new racoon minibook available to read at the Chamber of Knowledge! 

AJHQ have done a wonderful job with the illustrations! Next up, we have information on a racoon secret area and party! I'm in love with all these secret animal lands on Play Wild, such a  creative idea. 
A new outfit set has also arrived at the Sapphire Shop: introducing the steampunk set! 
Here is a graphic from AJ's Daily Explore featuring the new clothing set.
All jammers can now have up to 1,000 items on Play Wild, certainly much bigger than Animal Jam's inventory space! Treetop Gardens shop has also crossed the pond to Play Wild at Sarepia Forest!
And lastly, the last page of this month's Jamaa Journal is a little reminder about all the new items and accessories coming to Jamaa's shops. So neat!! 
Happy jamming!

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