Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spirit Snaps #11 – Pets

Hi all! As you might've guessed by the post title, it's time for another Spirit Snaps! As I announced (ages and ages) ago, the theme for this post is Pets! I'm glad to say I received a lot of amazing entries from you all.

Pets are a feature in Animal Jam, where you can create, customize and buy a miniature animal which accompanies your main animal. They were introduced back in 2011, originally as members-only. Underwater pets were soon added after Later, some nonmember pets were introduced (hamsters, in 2013). More recently, AJHQ has expanded how the pets interact- they now dance with your animals, play with your animals and much more!! Is there a specific pet animation you like? Feel free to leave it in the comment section below!!

Here are the snaps which were submitted. Most of them were submitted through Google+- you can find out more about that here.

And of course- we've got to have a winner! The winning Pet snap was by Yosemitelula!

The next theme is Underwater. As you might know- the underwater areas of Jamaa are far less used than the other areas, so there's a lot of potential to find something- or somewhere someone else hasn't found before! The winning Underwater snap will win two RIMs; a Longbow and Comfy Shoes.

To submit a snapshot, you can email it to spiritjammer@gmail.com or gtpopsicle@gmail.com, post it in the Disqus comment section below or post it on Google+ on the Animal Jam Community with the hashtag #ajswatersnap.

That's it for today. Jam on!!


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