Thursday, March 16, 2017

COUGARS ARRIVE, Geckos Return, and Member Benefits

Scam Alert: Basketballs (a nonmember den beta) have been released into stores. Don't get tricked!
Hey jammers! Yellow here with a pawsome update. Let's begin with...
 cougars! As the newest big cat to come to Jamma, cougars are a members only animal in the diamond shop. They cost 10 diamonds and are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Click "Explore and read more" to see the rest of the news, and the outfit I made for my cougar.

Comment your cougar outfit below and I might feature it. (it'll be highlighted and at the top of the comments)

 Next up in the news is the return of pet geckos, and also the return of the spring cottage. I know lots of people really like this den, and now you can purchase it again.

 Members can now own more den music. Finally!

 Finally, cougar's now have a minibook in the chamber of knowledge, and cheetahs will soon be returning to Jamma.

Happy jamming, and don't forget about the cougar outfit contest!

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