Thursday, March 2, 2017

COUGARS, Toy News, and Lucky Day Events

Hey jammers! Yellowdash here with today's update. Let's start with some of the more interesting topics today.

 Cougars are coming to Jamma! These were the animals leaving claws and paw prints in different places around the map. There's not much to say about them, but I like their artwork! Oh yeah... Lucky Clovers is back too.

Next up is some BIG Animal Jam toy news. Click "explore and read more" to see!

 This is part of the box of the closet set. On the white table, you can see four unreleased figures, with one of them being a light up. They look great! These figures haven't been officially announced yet.

 Back to the Jamma Journal. Members can now own 1000 clothing items at a single time. Once again eliminating a need for bunches of storage accounts.

 The lucky castle den has returned.

 As well as the lucky armor.

 I can't really say how helpful this chat update is, but it's good to see that AJHQ is still working on improving the chat system.

 Eagles will be leaving the diamond shop next update. The date on the paper is wrong. You can still buy them.

 A couple more things before the end of the post. First, the Cherry tree (an item that's great for making large forests) will be leaving in two days. Second, I need your opinions. I was thinking about doing a post comparing Club Penguin to Animal Jam seeing as Club Penguin is shutting down. Would you like to see that? Please comment your thoughts.

Happy jamming everyone!

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