Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blanketed with Luck!

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Hey Jammers, it's HelpTheEndagered297! I'm so sorry that I couldn't get to this post earlier, but unfortunately, my laptop's hard-drive crashed today and it took quite awhile to be repaired! The good news is that Apple has just returned my laptop to me, and the Clover Blanket has returned to Jam Mart Clothing! Nonmember, and only 200 gems! Very festive too! :D
Speaking of Festive, take a peek around Jamaa! The Lucky Day Celebration is truly in progress! There's decorations nearly everywhere!

 In Jamaa Township:
 In the Lost Temple of Zios:
 In Sarepia Forest:
 In Mt. Shiveer:
 In Coral Cayons:
 In Kimbara Outback:
 You might've observed a pattern in the previous two pictures...
If you look closely, you'll see Clover Balloons appearing in more than one place.
 The Jamaa Journal warns us that there will be new Lucky Day Items coming to Jamaa's shops!
Could this be one of them?
 Anywho, over in the Diamond Shop...
It seems that Diamond Animals and Diamond Pets have been separated. Pets are now in their own section of the shop instead of being on the second page of the Animal section like they were before.
Click the Arctic Wolf to purchase a Diamond Animal!
 Diamond Animal Section:
 Click the Pet Arctic Wolves to purchase a Diamond Pet!
Diamond Pet Section:
Pets, pets, and more pets!
You can never go wrong with pets...or can you?
 Sadly, the Pet Glitch has been removed. Hybrid Animals can no longer bring underwater pets on land...
 Or land pets underwater...
Another thing I noticed about my Pets was that I can only use flying pets when I'm an Eagle. Makes sense, I guess, but I'd never noticed.
Speaking of which, I've recently noticed a few interesting things regarding Eagles!
First, the Paradise Party "Void" Glitch has been fixed! This is as far down as you can go unfortunately.
In addition, our final Rare Eagle Plushie has been discovered! Looks like a good cook, eh?
Sent in by Hungergamesrock19375
And last but certainly not least, yesterday's Daily Explorer Post about the Monday Rare included an Eagle! Click the picture below to read more!


  1. Replies
    1. *real comment*

      I like how AJHQ made jamaa ready for lucky day. I wish lucky day was today becuz right now I have very bad luck D:

    2. Well, I hope your luck gets better soon :c
      *hands 5-leaf clover*

  2. omg I got 2nd and congrats on first Splashwaters

  3. You said that the blanket was for sale in jam mart furniture XD
    Its jam mart clothing lol
    btw i have my own blog:
    please check it out and tell people about it because it is not popular, i havent had a comment for weeks

    1. Blankets actually can be furniture lol
      I would have never noticed that though, and it looks like HES fixed it. XD


  5. Replies
    1. Congrats! ...there sure are a lot of comments lol

  6. Replies
    1. So. You came on here so you could do that?

    2. haha you see how typos can make big differences, huh?
      Congrats on 11 ^.^

  7. ☼pielover4ever☼March 12, 2014 at 4:54 AM

    Could those eagle plushies get any cuter? ^.^


  9. Dat eagle plushie is perfection.
    ~papad91278, le 4th news crew member, Its just perfection. No other words necessary.

  10. Ahem. (This has nothing to do with the post, just Helptheendangered's signature) I noticed, with Helptheendangered's sig. that only one of the animals on there is actually endangered: The tiger. Wolves are no longer classified as endangered, and I don't think ever were! They were threatened but not endangered.

    Now for post. Too bad they fixed the void glitch, but they also fixed the eagle adventure glitch! At least my eagle got to a level five!! That eagle plush is cute, I just luvins them. XD


    1. No, I doubt that wolves are endangered, there's quite a controversy over here in Minnesota about wolf hunting, because there are so many and they're eating all the deer. Anywho, I think that the clover blanket is pretty, I'd better stock up on them for in the summer/fall when everyone wants one.

    2. well the red wolf is endangered and it only lives in nc

  11. Yeah, I first saw the pet and animal separation when I went to the Diamond Shop to buy a pet raccoon, and I thought they got rid of them XD

    1. Yeah me too... but they would've warned us with a clearance banner, I think. XD
      Good thing they actually didn't leave lol

  12. Somehow luck isn't on my side when I always try to get a plushie in the claw... I'm going for eagle plushie... LUCKY DAY PLEASE COME I NEED LUCK.(y charms XD)

    1. Just play A LOT and an eagle will come. Have any of you seen the new diamond animal plushies? I haven't seen one in anyone's den yet, so I'm starting to doubt they're in the claw :c

  13. Doubt
    Finally! One of the new authors actually made a good post! For a few seconds there I thought Snowy-claw posted that.. Well, not really. I wanted to believe Snowy-claw posted it, that way I could still complain how bad the new authors are. But now I can only say, all of them but HelptheEndangered297 are bad! (Sorry, but. Yeah, your all not that creative, and it's sort of annoying when all you guys do is do a post about one item, or a glitch or music video.. "GLITCHES CAN BREAK AND RUIN ANIMALJAM!" Quote from AJHQ. (but it wasn't in caps))
    But anyway! back to the point! HelptheEndangered297! Thank you for giving me a reason to come back to this blog!
    Although, I doubt the next update, or most of the ones after will be this good so.

    You forgot the Monday Mystery....

    1. Doubt
      Oh, wait, I just noticed, the Monday mystery was already made. (Sorry! I forgot the read more button.) (And I just noticed it's probably like that with all of them.... hmm. Well, still, it was mostly all about glitches anyway. also, thats the second time this monday mystery has been up. please, next time you pick a monday mstery, pick one of the more liked ones. Like the movie poster mystery, the sunken ship, or Mt. Shiver mystery, or the Dino in the ice mystery. Anything but the boring third class mysteries.) (Also, like I said before, your ll not that creative.) (I also apologize for thinking all the posts had nothing on them, I don't read every single one and I get confused with the read more thing.. Stop using that people, somebody might overlook something important because the first picture and the title aren't interesting. (Somebody like me) (Sorry for all the trouble guys, but this post I actually liked. maybe because it wasn't talking on and on about glitches. "Glitched Can BREAK and RUIN Animaljam." If you see a glitch, report it to AJHQ. Also, AJHQ MOST LIKELY reds this blog, so posting glitches here, is as good as reporting them to AJHQ. So if you like the glitch, don't post about it. Their not that important anyway. ALSO when to many people start doing a glitch, AJHQ fizes the glitch, the usually wait as long as possible before fixing them. They know how much jammers love glitches.) (Good Monday mystery that hasn't already been done. The giant Elephant statue in Temple of Zios.
      Anyway, I'm going to go now, again, I apologize. Oh, and also.
      Cute eagle plush.

  14. DewDropReptile/Zipper787March 12, 2014 at 7:56 AM

    21rst : p~DewDropReptile

  15. DAJ (From Spirit Chat Chat-roll)

    Okay! This is a VERY Important Question!
    If you could have any super power? What would it be?
    (I love asking people this :D )

    1. This isn't exactly a super power, but I would want to go to Camp Half-Blood (it's in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Heroes of Olympus). :D

  16. =( sadsnowypackontfmMarch 12, 2014 at 8:45 AM

    I have been hacked rencenly so, I am going to change its snowstorage13341. Thx.

    1. OMG! i think i got hacked on the same person!
      took my long blue and other rares.. -_-

      If people call you 'lightning' or 'storm' on aj and you know cotten50235, GIVE THE BLUE SPIKE BACK TO moliy104024 (Cuz thats the person that got hacked (me)

      ajhq didnt reply to meh in email but its deleted -3-

      :reads the username: TFM? i used to play that, but you can say naughty bad boo boo words, so THATS why my mom banned me..


      PS: YESSS I WON AN ART PLAQUE! :looks in centeral: I DONT SEE MY ART........... :throws computer out window:

      P.S.S: Im at adventure base camp with my eagle lvl 6, ppl croud me HOW YOU GET LEVELS!? i run away to the top of map.. guess what i see? MARSHMALLOWS!

  17. Wow!!! Helptheendagered297 u r so rare how did u get rare I'm just a stupid nonmember and I have always wanted a spike and a founders
    ~ nat95201

    1. Non Members aren't stupid. o_o

    2. Non membes
      but ajhq
      pays more attentun
      to members
      cuz they
      had payed
      they did diamond thing
      so they get more moneyt
      to keep the game up
      Nonmembers are here becaause
      they show that AJHQ is like the 1st game that's popular

      Sent from my Ipod touch


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