Thursday, October 6, 2016

Scary Balloons + Play Wild Night Of The Phantoms Begins

Hey jammers! Today's new item is a returning classic item, the Scary Balloons on sale at Jam Mart Furniture!
Finally, a non-member item at last! Over in Jam Mart Clothing we have two returning items: the Mummy Mask and Phantom Necklace!

Animal Jam has updated their social media channel covers to this adorable haunted manor background! AJHQ's talent artists never fail to amaze me, gets me into the Halloween spirit!
Meanwhile on AJ - Play Wild this month's update is ready, and of course this month's update is all about the most creepiest time of the year, Night of the Phantoms!
All over Jamaa's lands on mobile lights have dimmed and the spooky decorations are up for Night of the Phantoms! There are two new games: Spooky Sweets and Light In The Dark!
Spooky Sweets 
Light In The Dark
Find both games via the phantom vortexes around Jamaa! Plus, Pet Vampire Bats are re the latest pet to arrive at the Sapphire Shop and Claws n' Paws!
In the Sapphire Shop the phantom fight armor is back! Wear the whole armor set to perform a special hover action around Jamaa.
Also returning to the Sapphire Shop on mobile we have the Haunted Manor den!
That's about it for today, happy jamming!

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