Tuesday, October 4, 2016

World Animal Day Banner + Animal Jam Comic To Debut In 2017?

Hey jammers! Today is officially World Animal Day, Animal Jam is celebrating with the returning World Animal Day Banner on sale at Jam Mart Furniture! 
Happy World Animal Day! Also returning to Jam Mart Furniture is the Skeleton Fence, plus the Skelton Throne has returned to Epic Wonders (blue orb).
And returning from the Hot Cocoa Hut, we have the Flaming Jack-O-Lantern Mask now available at Jam Mart Clothing in eight colours.
More exciting toy news for Animal Jam, according to several news articles online and Clark Stacey's (CEO of WildWorks) Twitter account, Animal Jam comics are coming soon!
Dynamite (an Amercian comic producer) has partnered with WildWorks to debut an Animal Jam comic series! Are you comic lover jammers excited for this? 
Animal Jam definitely has potential and hopefully, the comic series is a massive success for WildWorks just like the beginning of Jamaas toyline has been recently. The comic series is set to debut next year!
How exciting! Speaking of Animal Jam's toys, Jazwares has uploaded this cute Animal Jam toy clip to their YouTube channel!
Way to go Animal Jam, this year and next year is most certainly two big years for Animal Jam's merchandise. Happy jamming!

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