Friday, October 14, 2016

Spooky House Party (How To Get Pet Bats 2016) 🌕👻

Hey jammers! The traditional Spooky Party has returned for this year's Night of the Phantoms festival, selling spooky items and a flying pet! 
First shop at the party we have the clothing shop, selling returning favourites for 2016!
Next up, we have the den shop selling more returning items plus two new items!
And as always, spooky music!
I wonder if we'll ever see new Halloween music added to the music shop, you never know what next year will have in store! Pet Bats have also returned for the festival, in a secret spot...
Click on the wallpaper to adopt your very own Pet Bat, these flying spooksters only return to Jamaa every October. 
Plus pet bats come with some awesome accessories! 
Happy Night of the Phantoms everyone!

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