Monday, October 3, 2016

Rare Monster Claws + Night of the Phantoms Item Re-Cap

Hey jammers! Today's Rare Item Monday is the Rare Monster Claws located on the 9th page of Jam Mart Clothing for today only!
Grab it before you're too late! Perfect for this October's spooky happenings on Animal Jam, plus, there are new Night of the Phantom decorations arriving at Jam Mart Furniture! 

New and returning Night of the Phantoms are arriving all around Jamaa in random shops, back to Jam Mart Clothing we have...
In Epic Wonders (green orb) we have another new mask and at the diamond shop, the Mysterious Cloak returns... 
Down in Jamaa's oceans, we have the returning Scary Barrel Sponge at Sunken Treasures and Halo being sold at Bahari Bargains...
Hopefully this comes in handy for your Night of the Phantom shopping spree! And to wrap up today's post, AJHQ are looking for epic spooky dens on the Daily Explorer.
Submit your spooky dens for a chance to earn an Epic Den plague for your den, it's always nice to see AJHQ hosting contests like this on the DE, hopefully they keep it up! Happy jamming!

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