Friday, September 30, 2016

Spooky Fence, Wizard Hat, Witch Hat, Tunnel Town Witch Bunny, + More

Hey jammers! A bunch of returning Night of the Phantoms items today, firstly we have the Scary Fence on sale at Jam Mart Furniture!
And over in Jam Mart Clothing shop we have the returning Wizard Hat and Witch Hat!

Down in Jamaa's oceans we also have the returning Jack-O-Lantern Hat in Bahari Bargains and the returning Phantom Lights on sale in Sunken Treasures. 
Tunnel Town (AJ's spin-off app) has been updated for Halloween!
Witch Bunnies are now available from McFluffin's Market! On the Daily Explorer there is a jammer tip about the returning Bitter Sweets adventure!
Have you got any unreleased prizes from Bitter Sweets yet? If you have, feel free to share your prizes in the comments section. Happy jamming!

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