Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pet Phantoms, Bitter Sweets, Haunted Manor, + More Halloween Festivities

Hey jammers! It's that time again when Jamaa's lights dim for the most spookiest time of the year, Night of the Phantoms has begun!
This year to begin the festival AJ is starting off with something different: Pet Phantoms at the diamond shop! Be sure to adopt a pet phantom while you can, they're only here throughout October!
I find it rather odd that we can adopt our enemy as a pet now, but these new pets come with some neat accessories and are perfect for the classic Bitter Sweets adventure!
Back for the third year running, all players can play Bitter Sweets from your party menu as your favourite pet to earn spooky clothing and den items!
Plus, the Epic Haunted Manor den has returned to the diamond shop for 5 diamonds! Moving on to an update everyone will be delighted about: 2D adventures are now for every player!
More exciting additions, multiplayer minigame icons have been added to the game icon list. Now it's much more easier to invite your friends to multiplayer games!
Look out for the phantom vortex located all over Jamaa, enter the portal and play the classic phantom vortex game to earn a rare prize ! Plus there are now more animal name options to pick from! 
This year's Phantom Vortex prize is the Spooky Trapdoor (click on the item in your den for a spooky surprise hehe). Complete all five levels of the Phantom Vortex to unlock!
Polar bears are also set to return to Jamaa soon while snow leopards are preparing to begin their travels from the diamond shop. Become one while you can!
Night of the Phantoms celebrations continue with the return of a classic party: the Haunted Forest Party! October 4th is also World Animal Day, there are banners across Jamaa. 
We also have a bunch of Night of the Phantom Jam-a-Grams - new and returning!
And to wrap up this week's update, there's new Night of the Phantom items on sale! Firstly at Jam Mart Furniture we have the returning Spooky Lights and new Pumpkin Stickers! 
And lastly on sale at Jam Mart Clothing we have the  Box  Head and the Eyeball Antenna Headband!
Happy jamming everyone!

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