Thursday, September 8, 2016

Play Wild Lemurs + Pet Fennec Foxes

Hey jammers! Lemurs are expected to arrive this time next week on Animal Jam, but the lemurs have already called AJ - Play Wild home!
All jammers can become a lemur from the Sapphire Shop for 150 sapphires! I wonder if lemurs on Play Wild will look similar to Animal Jam's version next week? We'll have to wait and see!
As usual, there is an all-new lemur animal minibook available to read at the Chamber of Knowledge. Complete the quiz on the back page to earn yourself a lemur trophy for your den!
A new pet has also been released: introducing the Pet Fennec Fox! 
Available from the Sapphire Shop or Claws n' Paws for 50 sapphires.  Next up we have information on the lemur secret area and lemurs only party!
A new armor has also arrived at the Sapphire Shop: introducing the lighting armor! Plus now it's easier than ever to find the Sapphire Shop.
Here is the full lighting armor outfit set:
And lastly you can now play the classic overflow mini-game in master mode and complete levels to unlock prizes. 
That's it for this month's Play Wild update, next month's update will be of course Night of the Phantoms, happy jamming!

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