Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sir Gilbert's Feast Table + Lemur Concept Art

Hey jammers! We have another Sir Gilbert item in Epic Wonders: Sir Gilbert's Feast Table in eight different colours!
Perfect for decorating the all new Sir Gilbert's Palace! AJHQ's Lead Character Designer has kindly shared the upcoming lemur animal concept art on Instagram - be sure to give him a follow here!

They look so cute! Are you excited for the lemurs to arrive? I certainly think lemurs will fit into Animal Jam nicely and will make a fantastic new animal arrival. Keep saving up those diamonds!
In celebration of Animal Jam's 6th birthday AJHQ are hosting a birthday themed diamond challenge on the Daily Explorer. Draw anything related to AJ's birthday at the art studio and submit your art for a chance to earn 5 diamonds!
Over in Jam Mart Furniture the space den set is departing in the next couple of weeks. That's it for today, happy jamming!

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