Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lemurs, Gabby Wild's hospital and Liking Masterpieces

Hello jammers! Animal Jam updated today with some wonderful new additions to the world of Jamaa! 

One of the most-awaited features of this update is the arrival of Lemurs, which is featured all on the front cover of the Jamaa Journal.

 You can pick up your very own Lemur for 10 diamonds at the diamond shop! 
These actually seem to be one of the best new animals released so far this year in my opinion. What do you guys think of them?

Next up, AJHQ has released another 2D adventure!
It appears that Sir Gilbert needs your help in fighting off some new enemies, possibly the phantoms. I haven't tried this adventure yet, so let me know in the comments what it's like. Hopefully not too laggy! >.<

AJHQ has introduced yet another masterpiece-related feature, this time the ability to "like" masterpieces.
I'm not too sure if this is such a great idea, as people could just use their storage accounts to push their masterpieces' likes up, but who knows? This could be really helpful for rating masterpieces in the community.

One of the biggest features of this update in my opinion is that the Kimbara Outback hospital has now had a makeover and is now the Gabby Wild Hospital! 
I think this is a great idea and opens up a whole new spread of learning opportunities. From what it seems to me this is going to run in a similar format to Brady's Lab and Tierney's Aquarium.

Another feature which AJHQ has added is the new "Adoption Certificates" for your pets.
This is a pretty cool feature and it gives your pets more uniqueness! (I did see a screenshot of a snake pet having the favorite food of snakes though. Cannibalism? What next?)

And last off, the bouncy house den returns and a reminder by AJHQ to check out the African exhibit in the conservation museum, and some advertising.

Welp, that's it for this update! Honestly this has been one of the most jam-packed (hehe, puns) updates I've seen in a while. Hopefully everyone enjoys these new features as much as I do!

Happy jamming and Play Wild!


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