Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sir Gilbert's Palace, Rhinos, Birthday Celebrations, + Lemurs Announcement

Hey jammers! AJ updated early this week which I miss, hopefully AJ updates at this time for every update in the future. Introducing an all-new Alpha den: Sir Gilbert's Palace!
You can purchase this beautiful new alpha themed den at the diamond shop for seven diamonds! A classic animal has also returned to the land's of Jamaa: the rhino!
AJ is celebrating its sixth birthday throughout this month! Can you believe AJ has been running for 6 years? AJ has most certainly come a long way since 2010, what a wonderful achievement. 
As usual, all jammers can unlock a special birthday cake! Enter AJBDAY6 when you next login or via the settings button to unlock AJ's 6th birthday cake - click on all the areas to make the cake bigger.
Happy birthday AJ, here's to many more ahead! More exciting news: lemurs will soon call Jamaa home! What are you thoughts on the animal design? Did you guess the animal correctly? 
They look so cute - lovely job AJHQ with the animal design! Keep saving up your diamonds for this new animal which will hopefully arrive in the next biweekly update in two weeks time.
While a new animal is set to arrive we say farewell to the llamas of Jamaa as they begin their travels in two weeks time. Become an AJ llama while you have the chance from the diamond shop!
It's also your last chance for the Summer Carnival - right now there is a half price sale on all your favourite prizes! Pet Cheetahs have also returned to the diamond shop with the Pet Hummingbirds going on sale.
If you remember a few weeks ago AJ offered a chance for jammers to design their very own JAG on the Daily Explorer, and now the JAG design winners have been added in-game.
Congrats!! That's it for this week's update, happy jamming!

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