Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bounce House Party Tour

Hey jammers! The newest party in Jamaa is quite the exciting theme, and it may be the craziest and most original party idea we've seen from AJHQ in a while!! What is it you ask? Actually, you likely know...
The Bounce House Party!! And ya know, there are bounce houses and there are bounce HOUSES. This is a HOUSE. A BOUNCY house.
Along with the ability to climb on the shop roof and purchase blow up furniture, you are given a magical bouncing ability!!
Well you better stop reading this and go experience this crazy little part of Jamaa. Go on! Scoot, hop, slither, do a little jig. You do you!! Cause that's what this little world is for, isn't it? See you there!
Happy jamming!


  1. First?
    Meh. Whatever. Nice post, Snowy! Can you do a mini video tour??

  2. i'm so happy they made this party! I suggested it like 5 billion times O,O they finally made it.

  3. okie dae, all aj parties are boring. but this is in the funish rank...

  4. Heidi Kandice WangMarch 12, 2015 at 3:45 PM

    wow no one commented first time O,O

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