Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heart Glasses & Friendship Part 2015 Video Tour

    Hi Jammers! Arthop here to tell you about today's new item, Heart Glasses! Heart glasses are a returning item. One of my favorites ^.^ What is your favorite Friendship Festival item?
Here is an outfit I made with the new heart glasses! How do you like it? Have a favorite AJ outfit of your own? Send it to for this week's Fashion Friday!

Up next I noticed a strange glitch with lions and rare army helmets! I know this has been around for a while, but nobody seems to take notice to it so that's why I'm showing you :P

I just love all the new items that have come to stores for The Friendship Festival! I have been working on a friendship party den, as I have mentioned in other posts, but now I took a picture of my favorite area x3
Have you been making a friendship-themed den of your own? Share it with me at, and it could be featured in one of my upcoming posts!

That's all for me today, Jam On!


  1. Lol I remember back when placing on the AJS was a huge deal. It's either not as popular now, or being top
    Commenter for a while made it now seem insignificant.

  2. Has anyone been to the Friendship Party?

  3. Yes. I will be posting a tour soon

  4. No! I haven't yet XD

  5. -snarfles half the muffin and replaces with half a chewed cookie-

  6. I remember that. Back in the good old Raccoon Hat and Spike days.

  7. Thanks for the tour!!!

  8. HEEEEY! PUT THAT DOWN, YOU THEIF! DON'T YOU DARE EAT THAT OTHER HALF! -Walks away, secretly eating the other half-


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