Friday, April 20, 2012

Old in AJ and New in AJS

Hey jammers, I should have posted this sooner, but there doesn't seem to be any new items today. Be sure to mention if you saw any though! To make it up, AJHQ has posted a ton on the Daily Explorer, you can read the articles below.
Just some talk about the amazing new Pet Den Items Shop in Claws N' Paws. Be sure to stop by members!
Just a little blurb about the fantastic elements of the trading system. Friend the jammers shown in that video there, they may be AJHQ test accounts! You never know.
The most recent post is on Earth Day, and if you haven't noticed already, there are new chatting sayings about it.
There is also a new option for gem buying in AJ Outfitters.
Thanks for telling me
I also spotted a message from AJHQ earlier.
These messages seem more frequent latley, I wonder what's up.

Now onto my important topic. As you may have noticed I reach 300,000 views today (wowsers, that's a lot ^.^). I totally missed my 100 and 200 parties, so I'm determined to have this.
Since Earth Day is Sunday, that's when I think I'll have it. Possibly around 11am or 12pm AJS time. It appears jammers want the party at my den, but I'm sure we can move around Jamaa. What do you guys think of the plan? I'll need lots of help, so be sure to comment with ideas on what we can do at the party. Well, tell me what you think, and happy jamming!


  1. First comment! Anyway, I think the party's too early for me.

  2. Since the earth day is in sunday ( tomorow),i think u snowyclaw should post abiat in whirch server and think we sould go around jamaa and than to go to ur den!If u're ok with that comment :yes! If ure not comment:no!And i'm so exited aboat the party!see ya there maybe becouse i"m griunded. I'll try to make my parents let me go on computer!By:PerryFilip

  3. Since it's Earth day as well as your 300,000 views party, we should do something "green!" You should make it so most things in your den (if you can) are green and we should all change our skin colors to various shades of green! Maybe I'm going a little crazy over the idea, but still! It sounds fun to me! Hope I can make the party (or at least remember it X3 )

    ~Darling Wingedbird and Mossstar
    (2 diff accounts, not that confusing (not like anyone thought it was =3 ))

    1. Lucky day wasn't that long ago- we just have to get all our lucky day stuff out!

    2. That was such a fun party!!!


    3. Yeah u should do that that's a great idea cauz its like earth!!!!!

      ~♡ foxluv14725

  4. A lot of people are on diffrent time zones, like here in CA, its only friday whereas people like in china, it's saturday. So you might want to think it over. I would love to be there, but the time zones may affect the party! BTW, I love you blog, so reliable!

  5. I'm in UK so I'll be there around 4 or 5 for me and 11or 12 for you(please tell me how many hours before UK time AJS time is so I'll be able to go to the party).I am really looking forward to seeing you snowyclaw,your blog is really like a mother or teacher to me!So probably it will be quite an honour seeing you for the people who have never done so,like me.


  6. I would love to go, I'm afraid my leader will be on around that time :l We also need a certain server where to go so we're certain that we can see each other where ever we are

  7. What about apondale?

  8. Sorry, I have to go to church on Sunday so that won't work for me. D:

  9. Princess DaisyeyesApril 21, 2012 at 6:07 AM

    My moms birthday is on earth day!

  10. I think I can come! I have to go to church too but it starts at 8:30 and ends at 11:00 so probably 11:15 or 11:30 I could go.

  11. And it could start out at your den so we know where to go but then we go to other places!

  12. Kool! Hope I can make it Snowy! ^-^

  13. im siberia123 and i would love to go, if it's ok with you.Keep doing ur great work on your blog!

  14. hey yeah the posts ARE fecernt.
    i wonder why.....

  15. Earth Day party is a great idea!
    Hide and Seek
    Around The World-
    It's like hide and seek,in a Jamma version.Choose an animal and she/he will count to 20,and people hide around Jamma.At the end,when the animal finds everybody,she/he will say "Around The World!"
    There could be choice of songs,and people could sing.I suggest anything about Earth.Dances,and then we could go to your den,and if you have a food table,we could have a little "dinner party".And at the end,near night,when the moon comes up,everyone will howl,or dance if not wolves,and everybody could say "EARTH DAY RULES!"

  16. snowy please see this i can't get on at 11!!! PLEASE CHANGE IT TO 12 OR 1!!!

    One of your biggest fans, pac10

  17. Supastar101 (user on AJ)April 21, 2012 at 8:34 PM

    please not 11 or 12, make it 1 or 2 PM Eastern time because i will be at church at 12 and i rlly want 2 meet u :(..
    Oh and can u do another post about what server and which area??

  18. i tried to friend ajiscool but he hasnt been on for a long time -.-

  19. I need a glove please send me won user is 9b8b7b6b5b4b3b2b1b

  20. This was EXACTLY a year ago lol


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