Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Spirit Artwork #31

The first time you were excited, raring to go. You had eagerly picked a clump of boomseeds, and jumped headfirst into the fray of phantoms, gracefully and strategically releasing your boomseeds at the pipes that had allowed for the phantoms to enter the Eastlands. After the remaining phantoms had been taken care of, and all of the chomper plants revived so as to leave a formidable defense, you return to the hollow, feeling quite accomplished and proud of yourself. Then, a frantic voice echoed across the plains, startling you. "The phantoms are launching an attack on the West Field!" Another attack? you think to yourself, feeling a pang of disappointment. You had had such little time to bask in your glorious victory. You let your fists, clutching newly-picked boomseeds, sluggishly fall to your sides. Again you deal with the pipes; again you clean up the mess. "Quick, jammers, another invasion in the Eastlands!" You rush to the other side. "The West Field! East Field! Westland! Hollow Field! Hidden land!" You stifle a groan. Shortly after reaching your ears, the names of the places become jumbled from having heard them so many times, combining in the most curious of ways. Every time you reach the hollow, another phantom attack is in progress. "Will this go on forever?" you ask. With one eyebrow raised slightly, Greely gives you a cold look before resuming to blab directions at the newly arrived reinforcements. Despair builds in your belly as you run back and forth, back and forth. The screams of both phantoms and jammers echo across the plain, and you wonder how you could have willingly helped further this chaos. You scan the field to make sure no one is looking, and then you bolt towards the trees, trying to put as much distance between yourself and the Hidden Hollow as possible.

To start off this post, we have a lovely drawing sent in by peaceout703! The lines are very neatly done, and I enjoy the contrast provided by the simple black and white color scheme.

Happyholahoop sent in these adorable pieces! Very colorful and vibrant, they are sure to lift the viewer's spirits.

These pieces are brought to us by lucykate651. I particularly like the variation in the poses of the characters - they convey emotion quite well.

An interesting species developed by Nutterbutters/Tigerclaw50114. The amount of variation within this species is fascinating!

Iluvyurbles brings us this cute rhino, decked out in complementary colors. What really stands out is its double-tail; it is a unique aspect to add to an already rarely-portrayed animal.

Several amazing pieces of art sent in by PinkiePromise10. I especially love how you can create bushy fur and long delicate hair, and the toned-down, earthy colors you've used are simply marvelous.

XxDementedZoroarkxX brings us these drawings. The design is rather interesting; the feet, ears, and wings add a fantasy element to it.

Ephemeral brings us some amazing pieces! I especially like the soft blues you've used for shading; they give the overall drawing a pleasantly soft and distant feel to them.

Here we have a couple of brightly colored drawings by ~The Rain is Unique~ I especially like the contrast the gradient background provides for both characters - orange on yellow and yellow on orange.

Fitting with the subject of today's intro, we have a couple of pieces by Tribal Bunnies AJ Jamaa that sympathize with the phantomsThe third image employs the "two sides" idea quite cleverly.

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