Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bamboo and AJHQ Tours, Booths & Conferences

Hey jammers! Apologies for the skipping posts, it's a busy school time for everyone here in AJS. The world of Jamaa never stops however, and today we have the returning Bamboo Patch in Treetop Gardens.
I love how so many plants return to stores in the spring. I might have a bit of an obsession as you can probably tell from my den. ^-^ In other news, AJHQ made a visit to a Utah Junior High for the career fair!

Steve Fox of WildWorks posted this behind-the-scenes photo of what the company does in the SLC community. Pretty cool, huh? They have also recently participated in the 2016 National Science Teachers Organization conference. Look at that snazzy set-up!
Nice job AJHQ, love how you guys participate in events both inside the players' community and at events like comic con.
Click here to see my post about the booth they had in 2014!

Lastly we have a neat Casual Connect video talk by our favorite boss-man, Clark Stacey! If you're interested in the way WildWorks earn the monies that keeps them running this is a good watch.

Play Wild has an interesting monetization model for a kids game.
What do you think about the system? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments – hope to see you in Jamaa.
Happy jamming!

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