Monday, April 4, 2016

Rare Three Horned Armor & New Play Wild Mini Games

Hey jammers! Apologies for a late Monday post, school is picking up before final season sets in. How is school going for you? Are you starting to look forward to summer? I know I am!
Today's rare is the Rare Three Horned Armor, available in the Jam Mart Clothing shop for 1,000 gems. If you're low on gems, leave your username in the comments and I'll select a few jammers!

An interesting color combination yet again. These blue/green/purple shades seem to be a staple for RIMs. In other news there are some fun new mini games in the Play Wild mobile app!
Scooped is now avaiable, and looks like a true ice cream shop! What do you think all those flavors are? Especially that green one...
Best Dressed has joined the game as well! A true classic. I remember when Best Dressed first came to Jamaa waaaay back in 2011.
I was pretty new to blogging then...

Happy jamming!!

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