Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Penguin Books Animal Jam Sticker and Chapter Books

Hey jammers! Apologies for the hiatus, the authors are on their last busy sprint to the end of the school year. Almost to summer! 
The items that have been coming into stores lately are of the returning Egyptian theme – are you excited to see the set returning?

You could buy either an Egyptian Hat or an EPIC Egyptian Hat, and wear it with a matching beard to bring out the pharaoh in your animal.
You can decorate your den to match with beautiful patterns and plenty of gold. I especially love that snazzy cat statue...
In other news, there has been an announcement of more Animal Jam merchandise that will become available soon. It appears the first books released by Penguin involves art and sticker activity books.
It seems by the next summer we may even be getting some chapter books based on the game. I wonder what they'll be about...

" Penguin will introduce two chapter books for ages six to 10 in summer 2017, followed by two more the next season. 'We wanted to provide a longer reading experience for a confident emerging reader that wants more than just 8x8s or sticker story books,' Fabiny said. 'We want to immerse them in the world the same as the game does.' The titles will feature two or three digital codes per book, embedded within the narrative, which will unlock online content. 'We want the interactive content to be part of the story rather than just an additional thing you get,' she explained. "   - Publishers Weekly (source)

What merchandise are you most excited for?
Happy jamming!

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