Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Throne & Play Wild Monkey Ball Mini Game

Hey jammers! Long time no post, eh? Sorry for the wait, I have had some crazy exams as of late! But back to Jamaa I go, and today we'll start off with one of the newest spring return visitors.
This is an adorable little chair, the kind of item that really seems to blend with the nature centric themes of Animal Jam. One such item that does not is this spooooky crater sold in Epic Wonders...

I always little to use this one in my Day of the Phantoms dens. I wonder where the meteorite came from, and why it glows such a scary shade of green... Hmm... Speaking of green though, the last of the Lucky Day items are on clearance. Buy some if you need them before next year!
In other news, Animal Jam's mobile game "Play Wild" has added the den music feature! You can purchase these tracks in the Saphire Shop (their version of the diamond shop). Looks like they got old and new tunes!
Also new to the app is a brand new mini game –  MONKEY BALL!!
Wait, no, I mean – ROOLLLL!! Oh AJHQ, you think of the silliest names for things sometimes. Anywho, here's a little snapshot of the gameplay, click here to visit the Daily Explorer post. Pretty cute graphics, yes?
Sadly it's a touch screen / joy stick game and not a physical, phone-based-movement game like Monkey Ball was, but I still get little hints of nostaliga. My sister (proven) and I would love to play that silly game on my mom's phone when we were younger. So many memories...
Anywho, let's try a prompt today!

For today's written Wednesday, if you'd like to partake (and possibly get your comment featured), write a little blurb with your thoughts on that spooky meteroite. Where did it come from? What is it made of?
Is this proof of extraterestial life outside of Jamaa?

You could even write a little story of your character discovering such a strange obejct.. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Happy jamming!

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