Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mop and Bucket & a Muddy Growing Pet Lemurs Glitch

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with a little late post about the goings-on in our little world. First off we have a returning item for all jammers: the Mop and Bucket! This item was offered in fall past years, I wonder why AJHQ made the change.,. Spring cleaning perhaps?
I'm always a bit concerned about the color of the "water" in some of these buckets... Just the soap, right? In other news we have a little glitch with the animal jam mail system. Seems my mailbox is just too laggy!

When I click it all it does is open the little icon, and when I click again it closes. Pretty weird, huh? Has this happened to you?
But on the topic of glitches...
These pet lemurs are growing like weeds!! Looks almost big enough to be an animal character itself. How does one grow a lemur? Just walk into the mud pit with your pet, and POOF!! It's like magic..

AJHQ likely placed this little "glitch" as an easter egg within the game. They have lots of hidden controls that they can play with (speed of your character, size of your pet...). This and the hidden room, the Basement of Secrets, makes for a solid argument that they're messin' with us...
Speaking of AJHQ, they recently posted an adorable collection of artwork on the Daily Explorer! This time? Animals + flowers.
Aww, look at all those cuties. Animal Jam Spirit also has many amazing artists – here's an adorable drawing of a lynx from crazycoolcats. Should I start featuring your art pieces again?
If you'd like to submit your Animal Jam / animal artwork, send it in an email to, or comment with the picture in the comments below! Can't wait to see what you have to submit. ^-^
Happy jamming!

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