Saturday, April 9, 2016

Vine Anklet and Nat Geo Mag Gem Code

Hi jammers! Apologies for the lack of posting, everyone is so busy with school work and such. In Jam Mart Clothing we have three returning items - the Vine Anklet, Samurai Helmet, and Cheese Hat for April Fools!
The Vine Anklet is such a beautiful item for creating spring outfits! If you're a reader of the National Geographic Kids Magazine, you'll find a new Animal Jam 500 gem code in the latest issue.

Enter trench when you next log in to redeem your gem top-up! In other news, the weekend kicks off with a diamond contest over on the Daily Explorer.
In celebration of National Poetry Month, AJHQ is hosting a limerick poem diamond challenge this weekend. Do you have a favorite piece of poetry? 
AJHQ also shared this Play Wild screenshot on their social channels - do you have any tips on den decorating with Play Wild? Happy jamming!

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