Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spirit Stories : Blaze - Part 2 #6

Hey jammers! Here we go with the next installment of Spirit Stories. What do you guys think? Do you think it's moving too slowly, that I should pick up the pace?

We have a new character as well, Shadow the horse submitted by 00someone00. I didn't mention her name so I wouldn't confuse you guys with her and the other Shadow o3o 

I just want to thank you all again so much for all of the characters you've submitted. They're all so beautiful and fleshed out and I love exploring every single one of them and finding how to do justice to them in writing. So thanks again <3

Since it was early morning, there weren’t many animals around. Ravendil thankfully was able to cross the school grounds and quickly enter the local cafe. Although it was early, there were still plenty of people milling around. She set her bag down at the counter and hopped quietly up, feeling out of place among those who obviously all knew each other.

A server trotted over to her. “Can I help you?” the arctic wolf asked.

“I’ll have a hot chocolate please,” Ravendil mumbled.

“Coming right up!” Within minutes, Ravendil was sipping on a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

Her plan was to see if she could learn about an adventure by hearing what everyone was talking about.

So she sat.

And sat.

She felt she had been there for almost the whole day. She checked her watch. An hour. Her head was slumped on the counter, eyes drooping, when she heard what she was looking for.

“Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s some kind of monster in the caves on this side of town,” said a voice. Ravendil looked to the other side of the room to see a red fox with silver eyes speaking to a whole crowd of animals, their eyes wide with awe.

“A pelt black as night and eyes that flash like ice, with razor sharp claws and teeth that could pierce through the thickest vine.”

“Sounds like horsey over here,” called out a voice jokingly, and the crowd as one turned to a pitch black horse with icy blue eyes. Ravendil blinked, not having noticed her being there before; she seemed to melt into the shadows, surveying the animals calculatingly.

“Since when do horses have claws?” retorted the horse sarcastically.

“Since they refuse to tell us their name, or anything about them. For all we know, you could be a spy, or an assassin! So yeah, maybe you have claws hidden in that satchel of yours,” the voice called out again, only half-teasing.

Ravendil stopped listening, deep in thought, putting the pieces of the puzzle together. She gasped. A candle flickered to life beside her as she grabbed her satchel and tore it open, pushing the mythological one onto the counter.

Tearing through the pages, she quickly found the page she was looking for. She gazed at the image, hardly daring to believe her look. For on that pages was the image of a terrible creature, one with a pelt as black as night and eyes that flashed like ice, with claws like a razor and teeth that could pierce through anything. The candle burned brighter as Ravendil shoved her bag into her messenger bag and raced for the door.

I hope you enjoyed!  As always, if you have any theories or suggestions, be sure to comment!  See you in Jamaa!


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