Friday, April 1, 2016

Clothesline Antlers, April Fools Dodo Bird Prank, and Wild Explorers Magazine

Hey jammers! I'm ever so sorry for missing yesterday's update, everybody is busy around this time of the year and I've been experiencing account issues. As many of you probably know, today is April Fools!
Instead of the mystery silly den items from previous years, AJHQ decided to roll out this wacky Clothesline Antlers! In celebration of April Fools, AJHQ even pranked us on their Instagram...
For a moment, AJHQ had me there, heh. Such a shame because the Dodo Bird is beautifully designed. What sort of silly pranks did you do to your family or friends today? Next up, Wild Explorers Magazine news!
You guessed it - this issue is all about the lynxes of Jamaa featuring jammer news, puzzles, posters, fun facts, quizzes, activities and more. You can grab your issue directly from Animal Jam's online shop for $5.99!
What's your favorite Wild Explorers issue so far? Tunnel Town (AJ's spin-off app) has had an update: introducing ocean bunnies available from McFluffin's Market!
You can download Tunnel Town for free from the iPad and Google Play app store. Happy jamming!

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