Thursday, July 14, 2016

APARRI'S FIRST-EVER BLOG POST! Pawsome Unreleased Items!

Hey there jammers! Aparri here from the Animal Jam Spirit! That felt weird to type. That's right dudes, I am now a writer for the Animal Jam Spirit Blog! Woooo! I will posting every now and then, here and there, and basically just at random times whenever I feel up to writing about Animal Jam. Also at times when I'm not making videos or playing Pokemon GO, so essentially what I'm saying is that you're barely gonna see me post on here, but if I like it then I'll definitely be doing it more often! Anyways, in today's brand new blog post we are going to be talking about some new unreleased items recently found in Jamaa!
First up, Snowyclaw found this cool new magical purple ball that has never been seen before in AJHQ's den! As you can see, it is definitely a mysterious item fit for any fortune tellers out there. Also, I searched for it all over Google and previous AJS posts, but I could not find any posts or documented information about it. My best guess is that it will probably be released to the public in the Jam Mart Furniture store after they are done testing it, or it may also be released at the Mystery Emporium in the Chamber of Knowledge. (CLICK EXPLORE AND READ MORE!)

Up next, there was another item spotted by Snowyclaw at AJHQ's den that has never been seen before, and it is this cute little purple flower tent right here! This item looks perfect for any clanners out there that want a resting place after a harsh battle (shoutout to all the clanners)! Once again, Animal Jam is most likely testing this item and it looks like it is an item that could be given out as a prize for beating an adventure.
Lastly, we have this cool little wooden boat seen in the picture above. I'm beginning to think Animal Jam forgets which items they have and haven't released into the game, because there are SO many cool unreleased items that can be found in their den! This wooden boat looks like an awesome prop for the water and it also looks like another possible adventure prize that you could win in the future.

Anyways guys, I think that's pretty much about going to wrap it up for my FIRST EVER BLOG POST on the AJS! Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading about these pawsome unreleased items, and if you did then make sure you comment down below telling me what cool items you'd like to see AJHQ make and also what I should write about next! Until then, keep jamming and stay swag.
Aparri out!

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